I Love the Grown-up You. #ASMSG #Poetry

love decisions

You surprised me when you asked me, “how was your day?”

You surprised me when you said, “It will be OK.”

You surprised me when you said, “I love you baby”…

I didn’t know what to say.


I know I shouldn’t be surprised…

And, I know I shouldn’t be waiting for the lies

Because it will end up being our demise



I can’t help myself. 


I’ve sabotaged every relationship since I last saw you

Except that one with the girl whom didn’t have a clue.


Who tells someone they are too much fun?

A girl who likes drama, in which I had none.


I warned you about my ability to pick a fight

How I’ll push you away with all my might

How I’ll tell you to go fly a kite…



I can’t help myself. 


I loved you from the moment you said Hi

And, I fell apart right after you said goodbye


I’ve built up these walls to protect me

Baby, I need you to see


I’ve handed you to the key to unlock the door

I’m allowing you to see , to touch, to feel my core

All I want is to be your whore.



I can’t help myself. 


That’s not true,

And, I know exactly what to do!

Admit to myself … I love the grown-up you! 


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!


Copyright 2014













Insanity ain’t my thing #Poetry #Relationships


Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insane.

Insanity ain’t my thang!

But what must I do to remain sane?

Not to blame others for my choices.

Not to listen to the voices in my head…

Remember what he said!

I’ve tried to lead when I know I shouldn’t I wouldn’t let him win

I’d defend… my path

Not having done the math

I realize I’m not right…

Yet, I still fight for my opinion to be heard

Like a squeaking bird.

His patience with me I fear runs thin…

Again, I’m shown a new path to success…

Can I finally say yes?

Give up on doing it the way I know…

Stop just being an average Joe!

Ready or not here I come.

I’d like some of the future he talked about.

No doubt… in my mind

I’m going in blind.

So, he’ll do what he does best

I expect nothing less.

He’ll be the alpha male

And I’ll stop setting us up to fail.

Seems simple, eh?

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2015

Temper-Tantrums for Adults #poetry #relationships

A snippy comment here
A snide reply there
We seriously couldn’t make a better or worst pair

I dare…
To tell the truth
He’d throw up things from our youth

I threw daggers right back
It became a full on attack

He’d had enough
And he called my bluff

He said, “I’ve let you push and push, and now I’m done. Fix your attitude.”

He said, “You’re being a dick”
I stuck my tongue out at him with a flick!

That’s when I finally laughed
How could I be so daft?

I was being a fucking child!
Believe me that’s putting it mild

I’ve since “fixed my attitude” and stopped fearing I’m not enough
It was some heavy stuff.

Take my advice… Don’t do what I did
It makes you look like a bratty kid!

Just sayin…

Penelope Jones
Copyright 2015

Consider It Done #Poemup #ASMSG #Poetry

I said use me, abuse me
Not harm my soul

You discarded me like yesterday’s news
You filed me in chapter 13
You threw me away like spoiled milk
You trashed me like toxic waste

Well let me tell you something

You are yesterday’s news
You now belong in chapter 13
You are washed down the drain like spoiled milk
And you are now marked hazardous waste– discard immediately!

Consider it done!