Kissing Dreams By Dark Gable


I live in a world in which I fail to exist in

Writing about the life I want to live

Because I don’t live a life worth writing about

Day to Day life feels more like fantasy

Dreaming is where I find my reality

So I must dream in search of you

You have been a welcome addition to my dreams for a while now

The clarity in which I imagine you

Embodies a quintessential blend of mind, body and soul’s perfection

Memories of your spirits last whispers echoing

If you must dream than dream of me

Sealing those words with a kiss

I could taste bliss dripping from your lips

Leaking words of love

As my brain floods with thoughts of you

Making my chosen food for thought

Passion’s fruit…. Covered in desire

With each drop of saliva that falls from my mouth

Emotions flow like ocean tides rising higher and higher

I feel provoke by your words when you speak to me

Invoked by your earth as your world enters me

Leaving me rested

Only to awake lost in a place somewhere I knew I would be

Feeling lost yet I need no clues to find you

I know just where you are

Who you are has navigated me through the confines of this dream

Yet you hide what you think I already don’t know

Just to see how deep my thoughts run

Like candlelight you enlighten just enough of me

To reveal undisclosed parts of me I’m ready to seek

Washing the dirt off my soul

Cleansing the best of me allowing me to travel on

Leaving the darkness searching to find you

Evidence of you was stained on my soul

No matter where I go I could never leave you behind

Your words haunted me in the depths of my heart

As your lips just keep taunting my mind.

Last night I begged God for the blueprints to you

Puzzled by how you fit me so well

You got me through hell

By letting me take refuge in your heaven

Transforming me into something else

Defying time because nothing else matters at this moment

Yet leaving me open to the moment

I have never known this before you

Having keys to a door I never knew how to walk through

Seeing love at first sight because of the light in you

When I close my eyes I can actually paint myself into a romance

So until this lifetime grants me that chance

Keep blowing my eyes closed with kisses

So I can escape depths of my duality

Awaiting this dream to become my one and only reality

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