Word Play by Dark Gable @Big_AbsoLoot

I wish we were face to face so you could ingest my words

Just long enough that I could hear you speak them into reality

Is it selfish to ask you to speak my words to nourish me

When I get feed from you so well cerebral-ly

Getting full from your lips when I need a release

Mmm if only I could taste your words

To lick the savoy sweetness of vernacular

Ingesting the saltiness of vocal sin to cleanse my pallet

I want to feel them slide down my throat

Swell my stomach with your Flavor-filled stanzas

Bring me rhythmical treats

Sprinkled with adjectives and adverbs

Covered with verbal cream and extractions of your words

You inspire me verbally to ooze lyrical nectar upon a page

To expose my inner desires like bull’s-eyes waiting to be engaged

Teach me the ways of myself so my subconscious will never hurt you

Teach my future self so eons from now I will be worthy to deserve you

Lay your words in front of me so I can follow this road to your hearts desire

Finding shelter in you from my most unforgiving storms

I have traveled a lifetime just to play a word game with you

Enduring endless days of metaphoric foreplay until the right word reaches through

Desired twists and turns from my skin reaching out for you

I want to pull you deep within and make sweet love’s au-ju

Saliva thickens, breathe quickens mixed with sweat and intellect

You ask me to dive deep down and find your flow like oceans wet

Content drips of your lips like wax from a hot candle

Handling my own flame steady, I’m ready

To intertwine with your language perfectly step by step

Mingling with the essence of verbal sexuality

Hoping to step into passion setting free all sensuality

Free me from my cage of words that bound up in my mind

Slowly draw them out from me release, rephrase, and then rebind

Now come and see my mentality, a word from me, reality

Skydiving inside sentenced lines

Needing to free fall into your words without boundaries

The ecstasy comes when I touch down in your earth

Your worth is high, higher then the North Star

Who am I to share the same sky with you?

Show me how to ex-bound on your thoughts

I don’t want to read them show me how to be them

So until I reach you

I will leave you my words outlined in the sky

Practicing sign language with my tongue on the clouds

Feeling the air with perfected speech

Speaking in tongues until I reach my peak

Climax.. Nothing left to say aloud

By Dark Gable

Speak to me... I'll flirt back!

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