My new Twitter Avi means something…


So… I never thought of myself as a poet until I needed filler on my blog. I know… I shouldn’t even think of a gift that way, and I’m taken steps to correct this failing on my part!

I’ve met some amazing people on my journey through twitter marketing, and made many I think to call friend! Recently, two people encouraged me in ways I never thought possible in just 140 characters…@CaraBristol thank you for say my poetry’s publishable!

And last, but not least @joangillen who made the #poemup Breast Cancer Awareness Avi… Thank you for including me! I’m honored and humbled to be in such esteemed company as my fellow erotic authors and my poet friends!!

Now… Why my Avi’s special… My granny had breast cancer, a single breast removal, and months of chemo therapy. And not once did the saintly woman complain, and is now a 15 year survivor!

People like us can make a difference! Just 1 lid helps…

Back to Naughtiness!!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Speak to me... I'll flirt back!

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