Look Challenge…

Renee Rose called me out for the Look challenge.
The challenge is to find the word LOOK in your current work in progress,
and then post the sentences around it.

Choose your three favorite Looks to post:


My eyes found Mr. Cranky Pant’s, and his features seemed to soften almost the moment I said please. “Yes of course, let’s get you dressed. We can’t go out in this…” His hand waved to indicate my robe, and then he tugged my braid again. “Very Kinky… I like.” That incorrigible smile was followed up with a wink.

Shocked; that was the only word that would’ve described the look on my face.

I eased the braid from his grasp and retorted. “Because you are a pervert…” And cue the cheeky grin that shot his direction.


“Am I dying? You have skirted that question since day one, and I have to know what you really think.” I felt both sets of eyes boring into me, and I finally looked from one to the other and said, “what…you know you want to know as bad as I do.” I finally said to the gawking Mr. E, and Dr. Wilkerson just shook his head with a knowing smile my way.

“I knew telling you I didn’t know the answer wouldn’t be enough.” He said in that deep baritone voice of his that always seemed gentle, healing in fact. “I however didn’t think you were ready to hear the harsh truth of it either.” My stomach dropped instantly, and I felt the hold on my hand tighten. Slade sat forward in his chair, and leaned closer to me. I hadn’t moved a muscle, and my pale blue eyes were set on the ‘Good’ doctor. I was torn between wanting him to shut the hell up, or just finish what he was going to say. “There is only guesses until we get inside Cat, so please realize this is just my best gut feeling on the matter.” And for the first time that morning, it seemed like I couldn’t get him to look at me. Why? He barely knew me, and he does this all the time, right?

“Just fucking tell me, Please!” I implored him, and tried to keep the yelling to a dull roar.

“Please just let me finish, and then you can say or do anything you want.” I took a ragged breath in and then the blurting commenced. “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything. I think I might love you as much if nor more than myself, and that scares the hell out of me.” I chewed on the inside of my lip, and looked down for a moment, before bring my gaze right back to searching the windows of the soul…his eyes. “As much as it scares me, I know that I don’t want to live without you. I have no idea what Monday will bring for us. I can’t say it won’t hurt, but if you decide you can’t do this with me anymore, I will understand.” My finger instantly went to his lips begging for silence, and he shook his head, but let me finish. “That being said, the reasons I cried are as follows: 1. The tears were because I felt horrible for the way I spoke to you. 2. Because the <em>C word</em> is about to make me its bitch, and I only want to be yours.” I laughed to cover the anguish I felt, and he rolled his eyes. “3. The tears were for you…I hate the way you look at me even when you’re disappointed, but I know you love me.” I blushed and smiled at him and then continued, “4. The tears were for the control I no longer wish to have, and wish to give to you.” His hand-made its way into mine, our fingers tangled, and I hoped he wouldn’t ever let go. “5. I can’t make this choice for you; you have to make it for yourself. I finally realized this.” A sheepish grin pealed across my pale lips.

He laughed and exclaimed. “Finally!” I glowered at him, teased him. And he shook his head. “Go ahead…finish.” He nudged me with his elbow slightly.

“I cried for me, Mr. E…” I confessed, and I buried my face into his chest. “I cried because after tomorrow the -me- I am right now will no longer exist. I will be someone different, and what if you don’t like the new me? What if the new me is not beautiful to you? What if the new me isn’t someone I like either—Mr. E I am so scared.” I clung to him for dear life. That was the most honest I’d ever been with Mr. E…the realest I’d been with myself in a very long time. His arms engulfed me and he held me tight, as if to make all the fears just disappear. Honestly, it usually works, but it was bigger than a hug, or his amazing embrace. It was something neither of us could squash the fear of…


Thank you Renee for challenging me to do this, it was a bunch of fun!! Please check out Renee Rose’s blog below! She is a very fun writer!


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