The Ripple effect: @joangillen

Brilliant words, brilliant idea! Spanks for the shout out! I’m humbled! And feeling naughty! Bad combo!

Read this… Check out her recommendations! She’s spot on!

The Adventures Of Pink Bonnet Girl

These past few days seemed to be way too HOT on Twitterdom and it all started all because of the TINGLES. So that happened and everybody felt it at one point or another thus the ripple effect.

And then came the acronyms of F*CK*RY which I for one thought is a challenging word to form. Temperature was escalating that LYING NAKED seemed to be like a good idea. But that just lead to SEDUCTION and mind you that was just the beginning…

Then an untitled post unofficially called 55 came about and yes I think the temperature increased 55 degrees further after reading this single descriptive words but when entwined together are like a ball of fire.

Oh this is where it got really hot and heavy F set ablaze everybody and it got every one’s heart raising, some may have been flustered or better yet #flourished(the f poem &…

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