New Twitter Account and more! @The_Bad_Penny

  • I swear that twitter has no idea how to run a business.  You cannot limit tweets in the manner in which they are, and think that’s smart business.  Wait… but yet they do. Unless you have one of those lovely TM signs next to your name, you can only tweet 1000 times in a 24 hour period. I know that I could not possible have tweeted that many times. But according to them I must have, therefore my account once more has been suspended.


  • Those bitches can’t keep this Bad Penny down.. I got a back up plan, to the back up plan now. I made a new account, and I plan to keep them both active once twitter lets Penelope free…but until then please find me here: @The_Bad_Penny


  • P.S.
  • Facebook account now too… search for
  • Also have  Pinterest if you wish to follow: PenelopeProse
  • And email me your questions for the Little Miss Notoriety advice column @


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