Clean Up On Aisle 9 #Poemup


I love the way your hand feels when it smacks my ass

Caressing me, soothing me, urging the sting to pass


So you may rain down spanks even more than before

All the while I was begging, yearning to be your whore


My cries rang through the air like they didn’t matter

Your slaps made such a loud pitter-patter


Over and over you struck me with force

And I kept begging for more, and more of course


Mewling of love and devotion brushed across your ear

You knew my impending orgasm was drawing near


Soon two fingers were fucking my pussy

Everything you did was making me gushy


The harsh slaps had stopped, and my hair was fisted

All my offenses were being listed


As you spoke such harsh truths right at my lips

More fingers were added, and I was gyrating my hips


I wanted you, needed you, begged from my heart

Your lips crashed into mine, and your tongue did dart


Into my mouth, just as my hips danced on your fingers

You pounding my cunt, until the ecstasy lingers








Leaving me a heap of a mess, in need of a mop


Orgasm Denied


Clean-up on aisle 9!

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