I am … Me! #ASMSG


Great graphic! Even better question!

I’m me, take time to figure who the “me’s” in your life are…

Really get to know them! And love them for every “me” moment they have!!!!

Bad Penny wants to know you!!! -licks-

One response to “I am … Me! #ASMSG

  1. I am ‘me’, but barely anyone know’s me as this ‘me’. Worse yet, it seems many IRL friends are having the greatest of difficulty accepting ‘me’ & they want me back. ‘I’ am not happy about this at all because ‘I’ think the real me is in face ‘me’.

    ‘They’ can not accept the things I write, although ‘they’ will read other books like FSOG or S.Day etc. ‘they’ simply can’t grasp the notion that ‘I’ wrote ‘that.

    Now I can’t trust ‘anybody’ because I do not know if the see me at all.

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