What are Your Fetishes? #Poemup #ASMSG


What are your fetishes?

Johnny on the spot wanted answers

Doe in the head light look was what he got


I’d like to be spanked

And my hair yanked

I’d like to be choked

And soaked

(Use your imagination)

I’d also like your lips to touch mine

And our hips to slowly grind

I’d love for your fingers to explore

Maybe even peek through my backdoor

I know you think of me as Little Miss Virgin

I’m sure your skills are honed like any fine surgeon

You’ll tell me or teach me just what you like

And expect to hear go fly a kite

Because I just might

say it and mean it.

There are so many things left unsaid,

Like I love to give head

I like being chained to the bed

I’d love true domination

I’d also enjoy forced penetration

I’d love to work up a sweat

I’d like to lick it off, it hasn’t turned anyone off yet

There’re so many things I could continue to list

The bottom line’s I want to be ruled with an iron fist

I want to be owned beyond a shadow of a doubt

I need it from the start, if you’re to have any clout

I’ve listed a few of my deviant deeds

I hope I’ve planted a few little seeds

I can’t wait for my pretty  garden to grow

So… after reading, are we friend or foe?

14 responses to “What are Your Fetishes? #Poemup #ASMSG

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  2. You are all a dominant man could desire as you are
    but with you I know there is much more to bare
    as I stalk thru this naughty but so nice lair
    learning all the fetishes you have and bringing forth more
    like a salve to soothe your sub soul to the core
    with a Dom’s loving care.

  3. Penny I know slaves hate making decisions…I was just trying to reward you for allowing me to get to know you. -wink-! But I always find it pleasing to be thanked by having a meal served to me by a naked sub before she is blindfolded, led to an open window where she sucks me before I take her outside and take her hard and fast!
    Anyway I please!

    Putting on a show for anyone who passes!
    Then I spank her & tell her she knows how to thank me.
    Up for thanking me, sweet Penny? 😀

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