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Ch. 5 NSLG: Sold for Training Purposes #ASMSG

I woke feeling like I’d been hit by a Mac truck. I also realized I was in an empty bed, and that bleach smell filled my nostrils once more. My eye lids felt like lead weights, lack of sleep and hysterical crying were to blame. I had finally rolled myself from the bed to find breakfast waiting for me.

Oatmeal. Bland, lifeless, boring oatmeal.

I wasn’t sure why I had been surprised by that, it was always the same thing. I guess I hoped that Sven would be able to change things immediately. I wasn’t sure why I still had hope, it’d done me no good thus far. The Mac truck was an understatement, just the chair across my backside made me yearn for the sanitary bed. I wanted to cry out, tell everyone how much I hurt, inside and out, but I knew it would do no good. It would be a waste of energy.

I was trying to force the bland bites into my mouth, and swallowed, when a soft knock tapped at the door. He wasn’t waiting for an invitation, so I didn’t bother to give one. It was Sven, he hadn’t just left me there, and I felt relief wash across my entire body when the door opened.

Panic ensued as my gaze landed on his face, and the black eye he was sporting. “What happened to you?” I nearly knocked over the wooden chair I was sitting in when I leapt to my feet, and whispered foot falls had us toe to toe in no time.

“Jason happened, and we need to talk.” He batted my hand away as I tried to touch his eye, and my stomach dropped. He wasn’t on my side at all. He just wanted me to fuck him without giving him trouble. I convinced myself of so many things before I even gave him a chance to say anything.

“So…talk.” My eyes closed as images of last night flashed through my mind, first of Jason and the torment, then of Sven. I turned away, and made quick work of putting distance between he and I.

“I tried to convince Jason he should tell you the truth, but he has insisted that we keep you in the dark.” I never heard him sound so defeated before, he always had been the nicest of the three, and after last night I thought he was going to save me, but now he was ready to just give up?

“Tell me the truth about what?” I said as I whirled around to face him. “Keep me in the dark about—what?” I stepped back as he began to stalk towards me. He hadn’t made me want to run away, until that moment. “Sven..stop being so cryptic and just tell me. It can’t be worse that knowing what I know now. I am slave 297 that Jason thinks is a blast to torture.” I said with a squeak as I ran out of room. The backs of my knees buckled, and I found myself falling onto the bed, and Sven loomed over me like bad news.

“Your former owner sold you to Jason for training. Once it is complete he will accept you back.” I couldn’t do anything but shake my head.

The thought had run through my mind, but—

Ch. 4 NSLG: Eventually, I will say it.

My ticket out eventually, but for that moment I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, and I let him take me to my personal hell. Sven bathed, soothed, and even cooed at me a few times. He was like a completely different man. Maybe he knew that I couldn’t take much more mentally. Every time he would drag the cloth over the welts on my back, I cringed as if it were shards of glass. I don’t remember how many times he apologized, but I knew that was the turning point for us.

Sven laid me across the thin, crisp white sheets that reminded me of my grandmother’s spare bedroom. The smell even reminded me, very sanitary and bleached. That feeling and those smells soon were forgotten for a more manly scent of booze, and more muscular frame. He was atop me, and my deer in the headlight look was probably as perplexing to him as it was me. It was Sven, what was I scared about? It wasn’t the first time. And now knowing my fate, it surely wouldn’t be the last time either.

“I am sorry Jason did that to you, Sadiyah.” He whispered across my lips, and I pressed mine into his, and it was magical. Every kiss we shared before was forced, and for the most part unwelcome. That kiss was different, the passion overwhelmed me, and engulfed me so deeply I forgot about my wounds, and I closed the distance between us.

He broke the kiss long enough to request something, “Sadiyah, in the morning we need to talk, but for right now—let’s just pretend it’s just us, and nothing else matters?” Something I wasn’t sure I could do, but what choice did I really have?

He was my only chance.

I nodded my head, and he crushed his lips once more into mine, while his hands tweaked and tugged at my hardening nipples. My fingers scraped and clawed their way down his back, until reaching his ass. His hips pushed down into mine, the head of his cock made that familiar journey to the promise land. My guttural moans muffled by his demanding tongue that had me all aflame. My pussy ached by the time he slammed his cock into me, and my tight walls clamped down around him as if we were made for one another.

“Please don’t hurt me…” I gasped between Sven’s electrified kisses, only to be mewling the next moment, as he answered my request with thrust after thrust of his cock, deeper and further into me.

“You are mine Sadiyah— say it and I will make this all better. Say it!” He growled with that intensity a man gets just about the time he was going to blow his load, except that wasn’t why. It was because he truly had become my savior in that terrible mess of a life we were dumped, and I had someone on my side, finally. I answered at first with a melody of erotic cries and seductive words, and together we made love for hours.

We laid spent in that now, not so sanitary bed, and I whispered, “I’m yours, Sven. I’m yours.” Inching closer to him, and he cradled me into his arms, and once more he soothed and cooed at me just as he had in the bath. Tomorrow he would tell me the truth.


Playing with Fire by @GenevieveDewey #ASMSG Warning: Super HAWT!

Hello my lovelies… I have a very special treat for you.  My very good friend Genevieve Dewey has written a very naughty story, and since we don’t want her to scare the natives over in romance only land… I’m super stoked to be hosting her story here for you and her readers to enjoy.

WARNING: This hot-shot contains graphic sex, abduction, bondage, gangsters, and gun play. If any of these things bother you please do not read.


by Genevieve Dewey

She knew she was playing with fire, each and every time her gaze held his a little longer than propriety deemed normal, every time she accidentally on purpose brushed up against him, and every time she stayed late. And she knew that he knew she knew what these actions might elicit. But like a moth to a flame she couldn’t seem to make herself stop. When she was away from him she would recount all the reasons why she should stop, all the ways she could get hurt, and what a wrong choice he would be. He was dangerous, lethal, strong and used to no opposition. He wasn’t a staying sort of man, and he was certainly not known for his gentleness or compassion.

They might work in the same high-end bar, but his type of “work” had nothing to do with serving drinks or entertaining patrons. If he wanted to he could take what she teased with little to no effort on his part even if she were to resist with all her might. His ID tag might say “bouncer”, but everyone knew he was more than just club muscle to the Boss. If she were to cry foul it would be her who would be out on her ass. Yet still… she teased, she taunted, and she tormented them both.

Tonight she had worked a double shift because she knew he would be in the back with the high rollers, and she was hoping to catch glimpses of him in his suit and tie. He normally wore jeans and a T-shirt, so the sight of him in a suit was extra delicious. All the other girls agreed, so she wouldn’t be alone in her admiration this night. She felt it gave her carte blanche to look a little longer, be a bit more brazen in her smiles and flirting. Strength in numbers, so to speak. But he hadn’t come out more than twice, and now her feet were killing her and she reeked of cigars, spilled booze, and the aftershave of groping men. Usually the Boss didn’t tolerate any fondling of the “front” girls, but most of his men were in the back, and the replacements were lackadaisical to say the least in their protection. It was an hour shy of her shift end when she ducked outside into the alley to get some fresh air and curse her bad luck. At least she would be able to afford those new Louboutins soon.

She heard a scuttle and her head jerked up, but she couldn’t see what had made the noise because the door light was burnt out. She reached her hand down for the mace in her purse then realized she hadn’t brought it out with her. It was probably just a cat but she couldn’t take any chances. She turned around to open the door, grumbling about ruined breaks when her head jerked back from the force of a cloth in her mouth.

Mmmfff,” she tried to scream but the fabric had her mouth completely separated and she felt the painful yank of her hair as it was tied quickly.

She tried to turn around and raised her arms instinctually to yank at the fabric and fight for freedom. but she found herself pushed forward against the door, and her arm twisted behind her in a subduing lock. She felt the unmistakable form of a large male pressed up against her back, and she raised her other arm to try to grab at his hair, but he grabbed that arm too. Before she knew what had hit her, he had laced her wrists together with a ziptie. She tried to calm her racing heart and the fear and panic crippling her thoughts. Her vision began to have a polka-dotted haze, and she knew she was close to hyperventilating.

Please come out and check on me, she silently prayed of her coworkers.

She started twisting and bucking, and he pressed her tighter against the door squashing the air from her lungs.

Shhhh, I’m not going to hurt you… much,” a husky voice she knew whispered in her ear.


She stilled.

When had he left the back room? Her heart galloped in her chest and she was torn between fear and excitement. He eased his chest ever so slightly from her back and moved his hands to her hips gripping them painfully.

You’re going to get in that car and you’re going to be a good girl now, understand?”

She nodded. What else could she do, really?

But first, a little tease for my little tease…”

His hands left her hips and one went flat against her back pressing her front up against the door. Then she felt something cold against her thigh and realized he was trailing the butt of his gun up her leg and under her short skirt. She felt the edge tease against the crevice of her crack and a rush of adrenaline. He moved it between her thighs and rubbed it back and forth against her silk panties. She could feel a shameful rush of juice. He chuckled in her ear, then yanked her from the door and with the tip of his gun nudged her down the alley towards his car.

She started to walk around to the passenger side but he poked the gun in her side again and said,

in the back. Lay down.”

She did as he said and remained quiet all the way to the safe house. At least she was pretty sure it was one of the Boss’s safe houses. It was certainly miles from civilization. When they got inside he undid her gag and let her look at him. She realized it was his tie he had used when she saw the front of his dress shirt.

I – I,” she cleared her throat. “I didn’t finish my shift. They’ll – they’ll be wondering—”

He smiled a cynical and grim smile.

No one will be missing you. You and I work for the same man. And you’re my yearend bonus.”

She blinked in confusion but said nothing. He came forward and dragged her to the bed at the edge of the one room cabin. He tossed her roughly onto the bed ,and she tried to roll over but without the use of her arms it was difficult. He yanked her back down the bed until her legs were dangling off the edge and her ass was exposed. His hand grabbed the back of her neck and pressed her into the mattress. She felt the gun again on her skin and her heart leapt into her throat and nausea began to churn – from equal parts fear and exhilaration.

What would he do to her? Would he hurt her?

Then she felt his fingers push up her skirt around her waist and he eased one hand under the waistband of her panties, strangely gentle, and then insert one finger inside of her. She bit her lip hoping he wouldn’t realize… but she knew it was too late.

My God, you’re soaking wet. Been thinking about me have you?” he chuckled in satisfaction.

She felt him lay the gun down on the small of her back and heard the flick of a butterfly knife then the cold blade between her wrists and suddenly her arms were free. She put her palms flat on the bed but didn’t move even when his hand left the back of her neck. Her wrists weren’t free long though, he yanked her knee-high hose from their clips, swiftly brought up her ankle and tied one ankle to one wrist, then the other. Then he cinched the knots tight and with another quick series of loops, locked her arms and legs together. The speed with which he had reverse hog tied her had her in stunned and silent awe.

He was the Boss’s best enforcer for a reason, she thought hazily.

He picked his gun up again and she heard a click and then – thunk – the clip fell next to her head. Her eyes stared through the fringes of her hair at the empty clip while she heard another click, snick, and then he set the gun next to her face with the empty chamber exposed and held open. Its smooth grey chassis and slide gleamed in the light and had both the sight and serial numbers filed off.

She didn’t have time to formulate a thought beyond the realization the gun hadn’t been loaded before he yanked her head back by her hair. He gave her a quick deep kiss before shoving his tie into her mouth making her gag a bit.

Shhh, relax,” he whispered then bit the lobe of her ear. With his other hand he picked up the gun again and let the slide close. Next he slid the barrel between her ass cheeks and teased at the opening of her asshole. Her eyes widened and she began to struggle with the realization of what he was about to do. He grinned into her face.

Tsk tsk. I wouldn’t do that. Everyone knows you should properly lube your gun first anyway,” he said then moved the barrel down and slammed it in her pussy.

She let out a muffled yell and his grin got wider. In and out he stroked the barrel with one hand, with the other he rubbed on her clitoris giving her the simultaneous sensation of pain and pleasure. She struggled against her restraints battling with the dueling sensations of powerlessness and the delicious thrill of the unknown. She was scared, horrified and… incredibly turned on. He tilted the gun just so, and it deepened the penetration both lessening the uncomfortable fullness against her opening and hitting her in just the right spot to ramp up the sensation in her pussy. She could feel herself reaching a peak when he suddenly stopped.

She moaned against her gag and he chuckled again.

Not just yet, my little tease,” he said. She felt his hands massaging her ass cheeks then he leaned down and took slightly painful little nips at the soft flesh. She twisted and bucked and he stopped long enough to spread her cheeks apart and stick a thumb inside her pussy while his finger plucked at her clit some more. He started working her into a frenzy then stopped… again. He pulled his thumb out of her pussy and put it in her asshole. She sucked her breath in as he then stuck two, then three, fingers inside of her pussy. He fucked her with his fingers until she felt the pre-tremors of a cum then he abruptly stopped and hissed,

No! Not yet.”

She whimpered and laid there panting and painfully holding back her cum while he kneaded her ass cheeks again. He picked up the gun and took out her gag.

Please,” she begged.

He put the tip of the gun against her lips and demanded,

Suck it.”

She took the gun in her lips and began to suck and lick on it as if it were his cock keeping eye contact with him. She could see he had a sheen of sweat on his upper lip and a tick in his jaw that told her, he was a tight ball of barely leashed lust. He jammed the gun further in her mouth and made her gag. Then he took it out and yanked her hair back and kissed her, alternating between languid gentle kisses and biting her lips. Her neck hurt from the unnatural angle but she moaned in pleasure from the skillfulness of his mouth. She began to whimper a little.

Please,” she begged again.

He dropped her head and moved behind her yanking her down to the edge with her hips. He knelt down and licked on her clit while he slowly moved the shaft of his gun in her pussy again. She was so hyper-stimulated she began to keen from the painful pleasure of his mouth and strokes. Then he pulled the gun out and replaced it with his fingers in her pussy and ass again. He pounded them in her, the loud messy slapping sound ramping up her excitement. She began to sob from the pleasure and a stream of incoherent words came from her lips. With one last quick nip on her clit he stopped… again.

She felt him leave her, and she felt cold without his mouth and fingers. But his absence was short-lived. He spread her ass cheeks wide, positioned himself between her legs and sunk into her backdoor.

She screamed out at the size of him stretching her. He reached under and flicked her nub, and stroked… once, twice, then she came apart with an orgasm that she felt all the way from her toenails to the tips of her hair. He pounded into her ass and the waves of her orgasm only seemed to peak further into a second cum that surprised her in strength. He gripped her hips in a painful vice and with one last powerful stroke, came inside her.

She panted into the mattress struggling to catch her breath. He leaned down and gave each of her tethered wrists a quick kiss then moved away. She could hear him pulling up his pants and fastening his belt again. She tried to move but it took several attempts. Her arms and legs were trembling in exhaustion and the remnants of pleasure but she managed to hoist herself enough to the side to look over her shoulder at him.

He had done up his shirt all crooked and he had that satisfied male, hazy glaze in his eyes.

I guess you got my text then,” she said with a smug smile.

He let out a grunt and sat at the table fishing a cigar out of his jacket hung on the edge of the chair. He clipped the tip off his cigar and lit it before answering.

I can honestly say that’s the first time a woman’s asked me to fuck her with my 9mm. Was it as good as you imagined?” he asked.

She smiled a slow cat-that-ate-the-canary smile.


His phone buzzed and he looked at the read out.

Shit,” he said softly. He got up, put his jacket on, and picked the gun up from the bed. He grimaced, tossed it back down then reached under the mattress and pulled out another. He walked towards the door without saying anything. When he opened the door she asked,

Aren’t you going to untie me?”

He turned around in the door frame.

Maybe… if you’re good,” he answered with a smirk then left.

She let her head drop back to the mattress and smiled.

No, he wasn’t the staying kind, but he was definitely the right kind of wrong.

P.S. If you want to know more about “Cupcake” Genevieve Dewey… go here: The Original Genevieve Dewey 

Ch. NSLG: 3 Slave 297 #ASMSG

(Continued from The Not So Lucky Girl Novella)

Fuck was right.

And shit, damn, piss, hell, and fuck should have come out in a stream of words, but nothing came. My entire body jerked forward from the snap, and the delivery of that single-tail whip slicing through my backside. There were two reasons those words that were screaming over and over in my head never made it to the surface. The pain and I couldn’t breath, the gasp and rush of air back into my lungs only spurred Jason further. Once more the piercing swoosh of the whip spliced through the air in the opposite direction. It peeled like butter through my shoulder-blade. The chains rattled as I lurched forward losing my balance for a moment, but Sven helped me regain it. He was right there with his strong arms tightly enveloping me. I felt safe. No one but me knew what he said, but the important part was I heard it.

“Don’t show fear, he gets off on it.” That was easy for him to say, he wasn’t the one strung up and being beating by a crazy, mad man.

I was…and I was terrified.

My eyes closed and I tried to imagine myself being anywhere but there. Sven perhaps knew I needed a moment, and coughed really loudly and uncontrollably for what seemed like a good minute or maybe more. The coughing grew distant, but I didn’t open my eyes, so I had no idea what they were doing. I knew that with each splice of that whip through my flesh I couldn’t control the way my body lunged, and it seemed to be expected. I could however control how it made me react, so the next slice across my skin, I let the hot fiery feeling resonate through me and it embraced me like a long, lost lover. The lover I had left behind.

Maybe my former lover sold me to him? That thought threw my entire mind out of whack, and the next strike cut through me like a rain of fire, and I cried out.

“Please stop…Please I am begging you, please stop!” I grasped, and desperately my fingers clung to the chains that held me bound, no way to run, and nowhere to hide, so I begged.

“You want me to stop do you?”He whispered to me. The pain was so grievous, I hadn’t realized he was breathing down my neck, and his words licked at my ear coercing me to beg further.

And I did.

“Yes…please I’ll do anything, just please stop.” I would’ve grovel at his feet if allowed. I wasn’t in my right mind, the thought that my owner, my former lover had a hand in all this was just too much for me to wrap my pretty little head around.

“You will do anything regardless of your begging. You will learn 297,” he said it all so casually, like a business deal that was being made between the two of us, except I was barely coherent, and if not for those chains, I would have been a ball of mush on the floor.

“You are my property. You will do as I say, what pleases me.” His hands were lightly tracing over his handy work. Jason’s strong fingers poked and prodded over each little cut, scrap, and scratch from his assault.

I agreed, of course I agreed by nodding my head like a puppet on a string.

His mouth brushed over my ear with just a hint of a whispered breath before he spoke. “You are delicious. Maybe you will earn a name my little 297. But for tonight I must leave you.” The chill in the air was almost instantaneous.

My eyes flew open, and the room was dark, and I was alone. Sven was nowhere to be found, and the devil left me hanging there. Literally and figuratively. And for the first time since arriving I wanted Jason to come back, to forgive me and not leave me there. The thought was completely absurd, but at that moment sanity was not on my side. The darkness consumed me, and so did the horrible thoughts of what had happened, and what was going to happen?

“FUCK! Please don’t leave me alone. Come back…please?” I knew that no one would come, they never came. I screamed night after night for the first week I arrived, and it was as if the rooms were sound proof, or they were completely heartless, probably both.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably more like a few hours, Sven wrapped his strong arms around my slumped and half asleep body.

“No…please I will be good.” I whimpered, but he put his finger over my lips.

“Shh. I am supposed to wait another hour, but I couldn’t. If he hears us, we are both dead.” One by one I was removed from my bonds. He scooped me up into his arms, and that was when I knew I had someone on my side.

Sven just might be my ticket out.

Ch. 2 NSLG: Plans can always change

(Continued from The Not So Lucky Girl)

They always stuck to the plan. There was never a deviation of the plan. That was one thing that was stressed to me from day one. Each brother had his position within the hierarchy of this slave house. There were other women; I had seen them in passing a few times. I knew I wasn’t the only one, but I was the only one standing before Jason in the living room.

The hand on my shoulder brought me to my knees, and my body bent, and slowly I folded down. I knew what request was being made of me, and that was to bow to his will, his whim. My lips barely there at the top of his foot, I waited for him to approve, or correct. In the few weeks I had been there, I hadn’t gotten it right, yet.

Jason’s voice broke the silence that rescued me from the terrifying voices in my head. “Try again slave 297.” I tried to forget that name. It wasn’t a name at all, but what good did my name do? Certainly didn’t bring the luck that it promised.

Both my hands were placed on either side of his foot, pressing up from the floor, and I let my eyes lift only high enough to see his chin. “Yes Master.” I swallowed down the bile that rose in my throat. And I considered what it was that I had incorrectly performed.

I made sure it was slow, and a teasing torment of my body as it lowered down just inches from his foot. My lips were a whisper away from the top of his foot once more, my breath so hot I felt it brush across my blushing cheeks. Each sultry dip of my body brought me closer, hovering before my lips finally pressed to the top of his foot. Soft, sensual touches were given to my captor, my Master.

“Better. Get up 297. We have things to discuss.” His voice was like shards of glass against my skin. It was deep, and sultry, but I knew the venom behind each word. He was cruel, sadistic, and I did not wish to cross him… again.

I learned my lesson the first time. He spit on me, and I clawed at his face. I sported a black eye for a week after that, like I said I learned that lesson. Slowly I peeled my body from the floor and once again I was kneeling with my bare ass pressed to the heels of my feet. He had turned away from me and it gave me time to study him. It would be a lie to say that the man was not handsome. In fact if we met under different circumstances, like he wasn’t a complete fucked up individual, I would date the man. However that was not the case at all.

Jason was tall, handsome, and sexually appealing, if you aren’t kidnapped by him, and held against your will. His dark brown hair caught the light, and it turned shades of gold and red. My pale blue eyes met his chin, when he turned to face me. “I haven’t even told my brothers this, so you will be the first to know. I plan to keep you as my slave 297.” The deep tone of his voice mesmerized me, but only for a moment.

My head began to shake back and forth, and my programmed response as a human being came crashing forth. “Nooooo. Nooooo. Nooooo. You can’t. I am not a slave. I am Sadiyah Ghosh and I am free.” The words erupted, but so did my right cheek with pain, as the back of his hand sent me flying across the floor. I landed with a thud, and barely regained my senses, before he snatched me up by my hair. He was a fraction of an inch from me, and I shook like the leaves of a tree in a terrible spring thunderstorm.

“You are whatever I say you are 297. I would think after our last meeting on this subject you had learned your lesson. Guess not?” The husky whisper spoke of sensual promises, yet delivered vicious harsh truths that spilled like spoiled milk across my ear. My tears were hot and wet as they rolled down my cheek. I grasped at his hand that made its way around my throat.

“Please? I am sorry. I am so–” I never got to finish that sentence. The very air that we see as vital to live was no longer a freedom I was allowed. Jason’s hand squeezed until I was sure my eyes would bulge right out of their sockets. Then I was dropped to the floor like a rag doll.

I gasped and croaked for the lifeline of oxygen to fill my lungs. I collapsed onto the wooden floor. I wasn’t sure how long I laid there, but Sven always seemed to be there to pick me up the pieces of me that Jason left behind. He stared into my eyes, and shook his head. “I told you to be quiet. You messed it up big time. I’m sorry.” He barely whispered. I wasn’t even sure I caught everything he said. I messed what up big time? I wanted to ask him, but he drug me across the floor like an old discarded piece of furniture. I was in survival mode, so anything I could think to save me, I was willing to do.

“Please don’t kill me. I will do anything. Please Master…please.” Sven just shook his head as he continued what he was doing. Ignoring my pleas until he saw fit to listen. Again my hair being yanked was what brought me to my feet, and I cried out in pain.

“He won’t kill you. I already told you that. He however is going to hurt you…” His voice trailed off as I was strung up by my wrists like a puppet on a string. Each cuff was attached to a chain, that was attached to an eye-bolt in the ceiling. I was barely left flat-footed due to the shortened length of the steel links, purposefully. The same was done to my ankles, which were bolted to the floor, by a very limited chain on either side. He didn’t care that I was sobbing, nor did he care that my left eye was swollen shut. What he did care about was that he followed his brother’s orders. And I was going nowhere, and Sven gave me one more apologetic look, and then I felt him before I saw him.

Jason, the devil himself had returned.


Ch. 1 The not so Lucky girl: Lucky’s not on my side

– This is a reblog! In case you didn’t know, there are other chapters after this one!! Enjoy!!!


Luck hadn’t been on my side since I walked home from work on that fated night. That night left me feeling like my name hadn’t meant a thing; it meant even less as that night turned into days, the days became weeks and continued to blur together. My name…Sadiyah, meant lucky; I was anything but lucky when the brothers kidnapped me, and took me away from the life I thrived in, and loved. The life I once knew was no longer.

I was to become a sex slave.

They took my last ounce of luck, and with it they stole my hope, my joy, and my passion for living.

I found a renewed sense of hope, but it would never be the same. It could never be the same, but if I was going to survive in this underground society, thrive even; I had to find the courage to allow them to own me, mold me, and shape me into whatever it was they wished.

If I was ever to find a way out of here; I must obey.

Every morning like clock work; the door would creak open, and I heard shuffling of feet. Sven always delivered my breakfast, and he was the nicest of the three. In only four weeks time, I had learned quickly Jason was the one I didn’t want to cross paths with often. He seemed to find great pleasure in making me beg for mercy, and never giving any in return. Sven was different though. I hadn’t put my finger on it yet, but I would.

“Get up Sadiyah. Jason wants you downstairs just as soon as you finish eating and get cleaned up.” I hadn’t given him any signs of being awake, but his threat of Jason caused me to groan, unintentionally.

“If he hears you—” He didn’t finish, he shuffled closer to my bed. His hand clutched at my ankle, and he was dragging me to him.

I gasped, but then he was right there, my face was next to his, and he growled. “Get out of bed.” The hand upon my ankle then took hold of my night-gown, and I was forced to my feet.

“Don’t make me have to be mean to you. Your morning will be hard enough.”

I gulped down the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The fear was more than apparent in my eyes, and Sven actually gave me a rather apologetic look.

“He won’t kill you. Just obey him, and it will get easier. I promise.” His voice was a whisper when he spoke, and soon I was seated and begrudgingly ate.

I ate the oatmeal because I knew if I hadn’t I would starve until the next day, if not longer.  That was the way it worked around here.  It was just one more way of getting me to bend to their will. I had been denied: food, water, showers, and even shelter from the cold the first few nights. Each item was a luxury according to Jason. And each one could be given and taken away at their discretion.

I didn’t know much about the other captor, except he’s the middle of the three brothers, his name was Tom, and I had rarely seen him. But— I do know he ordered me to sleep outside in the cold the first few nights. He staked me under a tent, naked and told me if I cried; he would give me something to cry about.

I also since learned that they kidnap other girls often.  Girls are sold on the black market in the United States of America nearly ever twenty minutes; it was seconds when you go with statistics world-wide.

I was to be one of those girls, and I just hoped that morning was not for me to learn my fate. Surely I wasn’t ready to be sold to the highest bidder, yet? I pushed that from my mind, as I finished my bland and tasteless breakfast.

Sven helped me in the shower. His meaty hands pawed and groped as they made sure I was presentable for the oldest of the three brothers, Jason. He paid particular attention to my private areas, and he was overtly rough as he gnashed the cloth down into my pussy, over and over until I cried out.

“Please…please no more. Please.” Sven was the nicest of the three, I knew that, but he still could be quite cruel when he wanted, or needed to be.

“I will stop when I want, Sadiyah. However–I am finished. Get out and dry yourself off.” He not so gently shoved a towel at me, and then he turned the water off.

He left me standing there alone; feeling empty, even after I just begged him to stop. These feelings always confused me. Why must I need him? I wanted right then and there to beg him to come back, to finish what he had started.

I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

I still had a bit of my own free will left, and I wasn’t going to give it up, not yet. I did however obey the command that I was given. That was one thing I had learned to trust in since my capture. If I complied, if I obeyed; things seamlessly stayed at an even steady pace, and I was allowed to live and breathe another day.

I stepped from the bathroom refreshed, and with a renewed fear of the unexpected. I couldn’t anticipate enough scenarios in my head to fathom what that mornings summoning would entail.

Sven was waiting at the door for me, and shook his head. “Do not bother getting dressed. Come. You know he hates to be kept waiting.” The anguish in his voice crawled up my spine, and ended with an entire body shiver.

I knew from just the way he spoke; it could be the day I learned my fate. It was not something I was looking forward to at all, but I followed him like the well-trained slave I pretended to be. I fought the urge to drag my arms up the length of my body to hide the nakedness, exposed for any and all to see.

The trip from my personal prison to downstairs where Jason was indeed waiting on us, went by in a blink of an eye; probably due to the fact that life was about to change even more drastically than I could have imagined.

Even more dramatic, and traumatic than Sven or Tom could’ve dreamt up.

(To Be Continued…)