Spankings All Around #Poemup #ASMSG


In the bath I could let go, and let loose

All my troubles and my cares vamoosed


The temperature of the water was just right

Candles spread around the room to provide light


It was all so very romantic and kind

And you were the only thing on my mind


The water lapped just over my heavy tits

My fingers dipped inside my naughty bits

Strumming my swollen and throbbing clit


Over and under my fingers pried

Searching for the nectar that laid inside


Three fingers plunged into my slit

I tried for a fourth, but it didn’t quite fit


Faster and faster my mind raced

My undoing came at a quickened pace


I orgasmed in buckets without considering the punishment

Thoughts of you spanking me clouding my judgment


It wasn’t till my body quit shaking that I realized just what I’d done

My being naughty created more fun


Spankings all around!

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