Flirting’s OK! #Poemup #ASMSG

Dirty Girl sentences


I wrote sentences till my fingers ached

You could see my mistakes where the eraser flaked


I teased him until he had it “up to here”

That when his glare did seer


He said, “I’ve dealt with your teasing just about enough.”

That’s when he gave my left cheek a cuff

With the back of his hand

On the bed I did land


I looked up in utter surprise

but I was to blame for my own demise

Did I think I deserved a prize?


“I’m so sorry you’re right. Please punish me.” I plead

That’s when you lightly patted me on the head


“Oh I plan to punish you, and teach you a lesson.”

“When I’m done, you will start your confession.”


A studded paddle was your instrument of choice

I couldn’t help that it made me moist


You smacked my ass over and over again

Each time I was to confess a sin


“I teased the neighbor with my tight booty shorts.”


“I teased the sexy doctor at the tennis courts.”



“I tormented the Church lady that came in the middle of my bath.”


“I tormented the paper boy…me plus a robe, you do the math!”



“I teased the mailman while watering the plants,

he made a nice tent in his pants.”



Wrong answer was my only thought


Now, I had been caught


His lesson well taught


I’ll no longer be a constant tease

I’ve learned that at times I must appease


But…Flirting’s OK!

Copyright 2012-2013 Penelope Jones Author

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