Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 2 #ASMSG


  • My goals last week were as follows…
  • I will run/walk 2-3 miles daily, and a varied workout on machines at the gym. 
  • I did succeed, however I think my thighs and calves hate me right now, so I’ll be taking the day off today
  • I will remember to eat more than once a day ( my life’s nuts… It’s quite easy to forget. Until, you’re about to gnaw someone’s arm off, then you tend to realize. LOL )
  • I remembered to eat more than once a day most days… I did fail on Wednesday, but that was the restaurant’s fault, not mine.  Stale chips and cold chicken. Blah.
  • I will continue my 4 nights a week workouts for abs/butt.  P.S. My Butt was one of my daily body loves. It’s getting so rounded and cute. :P
  • I failed at this task.  I made it three nights this week, but the four just never seemed to be found.
  • I’m going to continue my daily reasons to love my body, and this week I won’t cheat and like my feet twice. (It’s not really cheating if you are making the rules, right? LOL )
  • Well… this week was better than last week in this department, but I have to say that towards the end of the week was much harder than it was in the beginning.  Still a work in progress.
  • I’m continuing to work off the deficit my lazy bum created for me, and a new deficit that my nightly routines have made. (Told you at some point adjustments would need to be made lol )  It’s a challenge that I’m not willing to fail. Bring it on.
  • Well I have no idea if my deficit is gone or not, but do know I took a pretty good spanking, and forgot to count. 😦 So, it’s possible that it might not have counted.  Neither here nor there, I’m not adding to it lately, so that’s awesome. 🙂
  • I’m using the quote above to help me complete my goals this week: Week 3 goals are as follows:
  1. 2-3 miles walk/run with a day of uphill, everyday but Monday.
  2. Nightly routines of ab/butt work 4 nights, but I’m shooting for 5. 🙂
  3. My work in progress, liking my body… Still working on it. haha
  4. My deficit spanks.  I’m going to find out if I still owe some or not. Yes it’s my goal. He’s super busy, so I’m thankful he took time to help me with these tasks.
  • I’m leaving my goals at 4 this week, Christmas is upon us, and I have a shit ton of things to do that have nothing to do with it. Ugh! Calgon take me away… heh 

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