Moment of Silence for a tragic end… #ASMSG

I’ve thought long and hard on how to respond to such violence that occurred yesterday in Connecticut. Innocence lost never to be returned, and families have been destroyed.

It leaves me saddened to know that people of this nature exist in our world, and I’m sure the parents of those children wish they had known.  I hate that this has happened to anyone, but for a child to lose their life in such a manner is just insanity.

I’m observing a day of silence on my blog. 24 hours until my next post.  Please feel free to restore some faith in humanity with this link… 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Bad Penny is certainly NOT to blame for this senseless tragedy, but I hope the bastard that is gets what he deserves!

4 responses to “Moment of Silence for a tragic end… #ASMSG

  1. How can any sane person explain the carnage that occurred in Newtown Conn yesterday morning? I’ve gone over and over facts provided, and some not so accurate “facts”. Sadly, as long as people are involved, we’re subject for this horror anywhere….any time. With the background I have, I knew the 20 killed at school couldn’t be removed until after a long drawn out crime scene process. I was thinking about the parents of the children NOT being able to retrieve the bodies of their children until post midnight. I don’t know how they dealt with this. Not the fault of the police, they had to process the entire crime scene, a long process with 20 dead people. Calling this a nightmare seems so inadequate…..RIP children, and all the adults who tried to save them.

  2. Twenty years ago a similar thing occurred in my home town and a community can never be the same again.

    May these little children and those that protected them Rest in Peace and may their families some day, somehow, find comfort.

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