19 responses to “I love finding the reasons… #ASMSG

      • Thankfully I don’t eat what I bake I just love the smell! So as long as I don’t start with a taste I am good. ButI was told last weekend by hubby & friends that I’m a cookie pusher! The equated it to me being a drug sealer I give you little taste & then your begging at my kitchen door who knew. Must be the crack that’s my secret ingredient that keeps them coming back. Ovens warm time fresh homemade granola is ready.

      • Rude πŸ˜‰ I’ve been told I smell like cupcakes! Maybe I won’t share my granola with you all for the postman & mrs ups. Gone a lot but you’re more than welcome 3 extra empty rooms just don’t ask for any closet space.

    • Pure SUGAR- I think I’m in luv! You are making this to easy. Clothes rack yuur talking my language! I should shut my phone & wait from my skillet cookies to finish & do some naughty online shopping for some gffriends. Well it’s not naughty if Santa told me its ok right?

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