Day 26 Erotica Holiday Countdown @the_weremouse

  • My next chapter for The Chat Box Dominant: Diary of a Broken Me posts on Thianna’s Kinky blog today… It’s live now!  ( Go here: Thianna D’s Kinky Blog )
  • It’s the last chapter that will post anywhere on the net until the first book is published! ( Don’t worry, I’ll post snippets here and there. I wouldn’t leave you high and dry. I like you wet and hard. lol)
  • I’ve picked the titles: 3 books that weave together the lives of Lucas who owns Maci, but is married to Cynthia. Each journal entry takes you on another adventure, piecing the broken Maci back together again. Diary of a Broken Me, Diary of the Humpty Dumpty Me, and Diary of the Super-Glued Me… You don’t wanna miss them.
  • And look for the first installment of the books Dairy of a Broken Me in the spring of 2013.

9 responses to “Day 26 Erotica Holiday Countdown @the_weremouse

  1. I just finished reading… is painfully stunning in a very emotional and exposed way.  I have tears running down my cheeks as I write this. I can feel Maci’s hesitation. And the battle between her heart and her head. She wants it but is afraid- the way it comes across the page tugs on your heart but leaves you with a smile. You made me fall in love with Lucas. He is dominant and compasionate. He listens to her & knows her completely. The last sentence “chipped, slightly cracked, gentle users;……deal with it” is more beautiful than I can aptly put it to words.

    *****Sorry I tried to post on thiadesign blog but it would not let me without my name showing up & then I lost it & wrote again & could not get it to post.*****

  2. I was just going through past emails & saw this post again. I just realized that you are going to drag out the torture- 3 books! I absolutely love this story and will eagerly await each book even though I want them all now! 😊

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