Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 3 #ASMSG

excuse resize

  • So… my goals from last week were as follows… 
  • 2/3 miles uphill until I can run again 5 days… not gonna kill my poor toes. :)
  • I accomplished this! My toes were not a problem, but my will power almost became one. This week has been the hardest, and I pushed myself the hardest exercise wise as well. I feel quite accomplished to be honest. 🙂
  • Nightly abs/bum workout.  Let me just say my bum’s coming along quite nicely maybe I’ll like it enough to show you. Clothed of course. Perverts!
  • I failed at this task again. UGH the night stuff kills me when I work so much… excuses will not do though. 
  • Eat regularly. I was doing so well with my six small meals a day, now I’m lucky to get in three small ones. Just too much on my plate during the holiday season.
  • Guess who failed at this one also? Meh… I told you this week was hard for me. Eating was like last on the list of my many things I had to do everyday.  But, I did manage to eat at least twice a day, with a smoothie meal replacement.   Yippy. 🙂
  • Investigate further into this deficit spankings. I was so shocked to hear the rule change mid-game, I forgot to ask questions.  I’m over my O-M-G moment, and I’m gonna ask those questions this week.              -laughs-  It’s not really punishment per se anymore… so maybe it was the fact he wanted to spank me again, that I lost my head. LOL
  • It seems I failed a lot this week… I still have no more info than I had when I wrote this last week. Oops. Maybe I’m afraid what the answers might be… lol
  • Excuses are not why I failed last week, I failed because of me. This week I will do better. 🙂 My goals for the week are as follows… 
  1. I will run daily, at least 2/3 miles. I don’t seem to have issues with this goal, thankfully. lol
  2. I will do my ab/butt workout 4 nights a week.  I miss my workout partner. I used to talk to someone on the phone, and we did the workout together, but that is an excuse. I’m not going to fail this week. (I’m afraid to find out what is gonna happen from my failures last week LOL … maybe nothing, but I’m great at mind-fucking myself. I don’t need a dominant for that!  lol )
  3. I’m going to write done three positive things about myself everyday, and share them with you next week. 🙂
  4. I’m going to get the answers I’m afraid of… maybe LOL 

10 responses to “Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 3 #ASMSG

  1. Awesome as always love!! Spanks – a -million to you for all u do!! U are a special squirrel!! Love ya to reeces pieces!! Hugs/Kiss Bxxx

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