Ch. 1 The not so Lucky girl: Lucky’s not on my side

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Luck hadn’t been on my side since I walked home from work on that fated night. That night left me feeling like my name hadn’t meant a thing; it meant even less as that night turned into days, the days became weeks and continued to blur together. My name…Sadiyah, meant lucky; I was anything but lucky when the brothers kidnapped me, and took me away from the life I thrived in, and loved. The life I once knew was no longer.

I was to become a sex slave.

They took my last ounce of luck, and with it they stole my hope, my joy, and my passion for living.

I found a renewed sense of hope, but it would never be the same. It could never be the same, but if I was going to survive in this underground society, thrive even; I had to find the courage to allow them to own me, mold me, and shape me into whatever it was they wished.

If I was ever to find a way out of here; I must obey.

Every morning like clock work; the door would creak open, and I heard shuffling of feet. Sven always delivered my breakfast, and he was the nicest of the three. In only four weeks time, I had learned quickly Jason was the one I didn’t want to cross paths with often. He seemed to find great pleasure in making me beg for mercy, and never giving any in return. Sven was different though. I hadn’t put my finger on it yet, but I would.

“Get up Sadiyah. Jason wants you downstairs just as soon as you finish eating and get cleaned up.” I hadn’t given him any signs of being awake, but his threat of Jason caused me to groan, unintentionally.

“If he hears you—” He didn’t finish, he shuffled closer to my bed. His hand clutched at my ankle, and he was dragging me to him.

I gasped, but then he was right there, my face was next to his, and he growled. “Get out of bed.” The hand upon my ankle then took hold of my night-gown, and I was forced to my feet.

“Don’t make me have to be mean to you. Your morning will be hard enough.”

I gulped down the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The fear was more than apparent in my eyes, and Sven actually gave me a rather apologetic look.

“He won’t kill you. Just obey him, and it will get easier. I promise.” His voice was a whisper when he spoke, and soon I was seated and begrudgingly ate.

I ate the oatmeal because I knew if I hadn’t I would starve until the next day, if not longer.  That was the way it worked around here.  It was just one more way of getting me to bend to their will. I had been denied: food, water, showers, and even shelter from the cold the first few nights. Each item was a luxury according to Jason. And each one could be given and taken away at their discretion.

I didn’t know much about the other captor, except he’s the middle of the three brothers, his name was Tom, and I had rarely seen him. But— I do know he ordered me to sleep outside in the cold the first few nights. He staked me under a tent, naked and told me if I cried; he would give me something to cry about.

I also since learned that they kidnap other girls often.  Girls are sold on the black market in the United States of America nearly ever twenty minutes; it was seconds when you go with statistics world-wide.

I was to be one of those girls, and I just hoped that morning was not for me to learn my fate. Surely I wasn’t ready to be sold to the highest bidder, yet? I pushed that from my mind, as I finished my bland and tasteless breakfast.

Sven helped me in the shower. His meaty hands pawed and groped as they made sure I was presentable for the oldest of the three brothers, Jason. He paid particular attention to my private areas, and he was overtly rough as he gnashed the cloth down into my pussy, over and over until I cried out.

“Please…please no more. Please.” Sven was the nicest of the three, I knew that, but he still could be quite cruel when he wanted, or needed to be.

“I will stop when I want, Sadiyah. However–I am finished. Get out and dry yourself off.” He not so gently shoved a towel at me, and then he turned the water off.

He left me standing there alone; feeling empty, even after I just begged him to stop. These feelings always confused me. Why must I need him? I wanted right then and there to beg him to come back, to finish what he had started.

I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

I still had a bit of my own free will left, and I wasn’t going to give it up, not yet. I did however obey the command that I was given. That was one thing I had learned to trust in since my capture. If I complied, if I obeyed; things seamlessly stayed at an even steady pace, and I was allowed to live and breathe another day.

I stepped from the bathroom refreshed, and with a renewed fear of the unexpected. I couldn’t anticipate enough scenarios in my head to fathom what that mornings summoning would entail.

Sven was waiting at the door for me, and shook his head. “Do not bother getting dressed. Come. You know he hates to be kept waiting.” The anguish in his voice crawled up my spine, and ended with an entire body shiver.

I knew from just the way he spoke; it could be the day I learned my fate. It was not something I was looking forward to at all, but I followed him like the well-trained slave I pretended to be. I fought the urge to drag my arms up the length of my body to hide the nakedness, exposed for any and all to see.

The trip from my personal prison to downstairs where Jason was indeed waiting on us, went by in a blink of an eye; probably due to the fact that life was about to change even more drastically than I could have imagined.

Even more dramatic, and traumatic than Sven or Tom could’ve dreamt up.

(To Be Continued…)

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