Ch. 5 NSLG: Sold for Training Purposes #ASMSG

I woke feeling like I’d been hit by a Mac truck. I also realized I was in an empty bed, and that bleach smell filled my nostrils once more. My eye lids felt like lead weights, lack of sleep and hysterical crying were to blame. I had finally rolled myself from the bed to find breakfast waiting for me.

Oatmeal. Bland, lifeless, boring oatmeal.

I wasn’t sure why I had been surprised by that, it was always the same thing. I guess I hoped that Sven would be able to change things immediately. I wasn’t sure why I still had hope, it’d done me no good thus far. The Mac truck was an understatement, just the chair across my backside made me yearn for the sanitary bed. I wanted to cry out, tell everyone how much I hurt, inside and out, but I knew it would do no good. It would be a waste of energy.

I was trying to force the bland bites into my mouth, and swallowed, when a soft knock tapped at the door. He wasn’t waiting for an invitation, so I didn’t bother to give one. It was Sven, he hadn’t just left me there, and I felt relief wash across my entire body when the door opened.

Panic ensued as my gaze landed on his face, and the black eye he was sporting. “What happened to you?” I nearly knocked over the wooden chair I was sitting in when I leapt to my feet, and whispered foot falls had us toe to toe in no time.

“Jason happened, and we need to talk.” He batted my hand away as I tried to touch his eye, and my stomach dropped. He wasn’t on my side at all. He just wanted me to fuck him without giving him trouble. I convinced myself of so many things before I even gave him a chance to say anything.

“So…talk.” My eyes closed as images of last night flashed through my mind, first of Jason and the torment, then of Sven. I turned away, and made quick work of putting distance between he and I.

“I tried to convince Jason he should tell you the truth, but he has insisted that we keep you in the dark.” I never heard him sound so defeated before, he always had been the nicest of the three, and after last night I thought he was going to save me, but now he was ready to just give up?

“Tell me the truth about what?” I said as I whirled around to face him. “Keep me in the dark about—what?” I stepped back as he began to stalk towards me. He hadn’t made me want to run away, until that moment. “Sven..stop being so cryptic and just tell me. It can’t be worse that knowing what I know now. I am slave 297 that Jason thinks is a blast to torture.” I said with a squeak as I ran out of room. The backs of my knees buckled, and I found myself falling onto the bed, and Sven loomed over me like bad news.

“Your former owner sold you to Jason for training. Once it is complete he will accept you back.” I couldn’t do anything but shake my head.

The thought had run through my mind, but—

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