ReBlog: Drench The Wench – First Chapter Teaser…#asmsg


I told you all about Drench The Wench  on Sunday… well now here’s a teaser that is sure to be a pleaser! #MicroPoetry

Come meet Cindy Buttsplash and her skinny peeping Tom! MEOW!

Drench The Wench – First Chapter Teaser…#asmsg.

Snippet 2 from The Beautiful Catastrophe WIP “Run Heifer Run!” #ASMSG

  • Hello my lovelies… Below is a Snippet from my current novel I’m editing, “The Beautiful Catastrophe”.  


Why was I racing to my doom?

Because I was the Cat that ate the canary… I just had to know why?

I looked to the side at him, while we walked towards the elevator. “I am still not sure why you wish to spend time with me. I mean… obviously I offended you enough, you spanked me. Who does that?” I said as the elevator opened, and the older women inside just stare at me like I grew horns. “Thanked me—I mean thanked me.” Could my cheeks have felt any hotter?

He stepped out-of-the-way, and said, “Lovely evening ladies.” His charming smile could make any girl melt, and even these ladies seemed to be taken back by him. They walked away, and we rode the elevator upstairs.

“Good save, Ms. Sullivan. Nice color on your cheeks too.” I glowered at him, but the only sound I made was the stomping of my foot. The distance between us had closed, and I swallowed hard as my ass found the elevator wall. I blinked and stared up at him. “You didn’t offend me. I gave you options. You picked neither. I picked the one I wanted, simple as that. Precise and to the point.” He smirked at me again. Oh what I want to do to those lips!

Speechless. My mouth opened, but nothing came out.

His long nimble fingers pushed my chin back up, and he just shook his head. “Don’t want the flies to get in, hmm?” His voice was soft and smooth like butter. My eyes were set on his lips, and the way they pursed together. I know my subconscious was screaming—kiss me…kiss me you fool. However, my head was screaming—run heifer run!

So…A little Author commentary-

Catastrophe has been given her first spanking, and was totally confused because…O-M-G She liked it? Mr. E was his normal calm, cool, and smooth self, while poor Strophe wasn’t sure if she should run, or stay. Let’s just say her running shoes are never too far from her reach. Hope you enjoyed, as I continue editing, I will share a few more fun snippets.

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Come see… Drench the Wench by P.J. Perryman #ASMSG

Good morning my lovelies…

I’m sure if you follow me on twitter, or if you’ve popped on over to my Author’s I lust after page, you know all about Ms Patti Sparkles… better known as Ms P.J. Perryman.  Well the woman is on fire in the publishing department this month. Two books, and another on the way… 

Every morning P.J. Perryman tries to be good, but by nightfall her mischievous muse whispers straight wickedness into her ears. These naughty visions slip from her mind to the page, in the form of a story or an amazeball drawing.  And her current new release “Drench the Wench” is no different.


At the Renaissance Faire, nothing is quite as it seems. And in this delightfully sexy anthology, author PJ Perryman gives readers a shocking glimpse into the steamier side of faire-goers, both human and magical alike. The result? An anthology unlike anything you’ll ever read. 


Readers take warning –  “Drench the Wench” is quite a departure from what you usually find offered at Blushing Books. But the stories are so sexy, so unique and so variable that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring them to you.


From elves who sneak into the faire leather shop after hours to satisfy their curiosity about human sexuality, to a dryad’s mind-blowing sex with a wizard, to the most unusual werewolf encounter you will ever read, this book is one that will make you pant and giggle naughtily in delightful turns.


The stories capture all the beauty and whimsy of the Renaissance Faire atmosphere, so fans of these events will love this book. And if you’ve never donned a bodice, hefted a broadsword or worn a chastity belt for an afternoon of medieval role-play, this is the book to put you in the mood.


WARNING: The ten stories in this book are different. They feature M/F, F/F and M/M and three-way sex, with a smattering of BDSM overtones.

P.J. Perryman writes wicked stories with heart, and she always adds twist and turns that you never expect.  The woman is an amazing writer, and I’m lucky to call her friend.

Let her entertain you with her two newest books,  “A Spank in Time” , an anthology I featured last week. 6 authors under 1 book. And “Drench the Wench” with magic elements and sexy combined. Also check out her blog: Free erotica stories about Franny and amazing illustrations at Sparkly Knickers!

P.S. Make sure to look for the next book… Another Anthology with multiple authors. ‘The Thrill of the Hunt,’ scheduled to be released in February. #Naughtyville can’t wait!

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Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 7 #ASMSG

Good morning my lovelies.  

Many of you know, who follow me on twitter, last week I stepped up my workout plan, and added in a ‘trainer’.

  • Meet “the trainer”


The Trainer


Ugh that first lower-body workout was brutal. I seriously sounded like an old person, grunting each time I sat down or stood up for two days. However… the past 7 weeks have paid off. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve misplaced another pants size.

Let me tell you, “the trainer” wasn’t getting a Christmas card until I found out that wonderful news.  So today, I’m smiling just a little bit brighter, and actually looking forward to whatever challenge he has for me.

Holy cow… Today’s my first go at his upper-body workout. Wish me luck!


  • This weeks goals are as follows…


  • Continue my 6 day run/walk plan
  • 2 lower-body workouts/2 upper-body workouts w/ “the trainer”    UGH
  • Thianna D gave me a great idea… so I’m trying it out. At least 4 times a day I will stop whatever I’m doing and do 10 minutes of exercise.  IE: Jumping Jacks, Lunges (for my buns of steel I’m working on LOL), crunches etc.

Stay tuned next week to see if “the trainer” is still on the Christmas Card list… he might do such an awesome job he makes it to the #naughty list. heh

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“A Spank in Time” by Blushing Mischief! #ASMSG

Good morning my lovelies…

Last night I shared a little about me, well today it’s back to the grind of sharing with you new and up-and-coming Authors in the erotica genre.

Travel back in ‘the Olden Days”  with “A Spank in Time.”  Six very talented writers, all new to Blushing Books, have joined forces and created Blushing Mischief, a new group dedicated to writing the steamiest new stories.   Their first offering is a collection of six beautifully-written stories.

Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

Today I’m going to feature just a few of these awesome authors.

P.J. Perryman, or better known as Patti Sparkles–  Many of you know she was the original “idea” woman behind Little Miss Belle Notoriety.  She has also helped me with editing, concepts, and just plan great advice.  The woman is a genius when it comes to writing, and finally the publishing world has seen the light.  Make sure to check out her character Gabrielle’s interview on her blog, and the story she lives in here: A Spank in Time 

Jilly Glass–  This woman is a guru of Technology, and one hell of an author.  Many different genres, erotica is just one of the more fabulous ones. -giggles- She also gives a peek at her character Kinnon on her blog from her story “Rules of Engagement” … so be sure and check it out!

And last but not least…

Sadie Dane-  This girl came out of no where… and has proven she can write some pretty hot and sexy stuff. Wowzers.  She reminds me a lot of myself at her age.  Full of energy, and ready to take on the erotica world. Well… she’s done it.

And while you’re visit everyone’s blog, you can see the other authors in this amazing anthology, A Spank in Time.  Go… buy it.  You won’t regret it.  It’s super-duper #Naughtyville Approved!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996.

P.S. Bad Penny’s always to blame! 🙂