Misconceptions of Dating Polyamorous Women

I could not have stated this better myself, there for why even try? Mina has shared with us an amazing post about how to treat a Polyamorous woman while dating them, and I hope you read it. It’s very well written, and spot on!

Misconceptions of Dating Polyamorous Women.

16 responses to “Misconceptions of Dating Polyamorous Women

  1. Tease! I thought it was a new snipit.
    I did read it very thoughtful and well put. As always you help others in simple ways that has such importance & brings understanding.

  2. Lemme ask you a question. What’s the difference between your married partner and your other partners? Why the distinction, I guess is what I’m asking (knowing of course the answer is different for everyone).

    • I think from her point of view her hubby knows the ins and outs of her and polyamory … I don’t think she was saying there is a difference so much as the post wasn’t about primary partners. That said, she singled out her other partners because they usually don’t understand how the intricacy of a poly relationship works… Plus every relationship is different even if you both are dating the same person.

      For me in a multi-faceted relationship I agree with her… I don’t need to be the center of your world always, but don’t blow me off just because you know I have other options! That’s a quick way to no longer be an option for me! Lol

      Secondly… If you can’t make me a priority even if it’s only for an allotted amount of time, then I will find a partner that will!

      I’m open about who I am and honest so I get what I need and want out of a relationship … I expect the same in return. đŸ™‚

      And I refuse to settle or be treated less than just because I have the option to boink someone else’s brains out! Heh

      P.S. Primary and secondary relationships huge topic best for a phone conversation đŸ™‚

      Hope I helped at least a little heh

      The Bad Penny

  3. It was interesting to gain a little insight as to how poly relationships work or rather how they should work. Very pragmatic. All the cards laid out. This would be the ideal in all relationships. These are all principles that should be applied in every type of relationship. Being open about who you are should be the founding tenement to any relationship. Thank you for sharing.

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