Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 6 #ASMSG

  • I took week 4 and 5 off from posting about the challenge because work and life were getting in the way, and every time I had to type I failed… it just made it worse.  It wasn’t that I didn’t exercise  I just didn’t meet my goal.  Psychological mind-fucks are the worst, and when you do it to yourself…UGH. 🙂


  • Here it is week 6 and I’m back.  I had a 6 days run of being down with the flu and bronchitis. 😦  But now I’m back and ready to continue on. 
  • I started feeling better last Tuesday, and worked out the first time on Wednesday since getting sick.  It was hard, but I made it through.
  • I’ve worked out everyday since then, mainly because Max threatened me. No I’m kidding… he did threaten me, but I’m really working out because I want too.  I’m not scared of him, he has to actually make it to my side of the country to follow through with any threats. -giggles-


  • My goals for this week are as follows… 
  1. Run/walk 6 days this next week. 
  2. Ab/butt work daily 20 minutes at night
  3. Add two reps to most machines at the gym
  4. Really buckle down and do this damn thing.
  5. Not mentioning weight…but a year ago February 17th I made a goal… and I am 8lbs now from that goal. WHOO HOO! I’m going to reach this goal by the 17th of this February if it kills me. Heh!!!

6 responses to “Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 6 #ASMSG

  1. You are a crazy girl! Thats one hell of a workout plus at night! I am super impressed. You are a total over achiever! That is fantastic you are practically at your goal. You have helped me stay on track & inspired something have needed to do for a long time.

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