Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 7 #ASMSG

Good morning my lovelies.  

Many of you know, who follow me on twitter, last week I stepped up my workout plan, and added in a ‘trainer’.

  • Meet “the trainer”


The Trainer


Ugh that first lower-body workout was brutal. I seriously sounded like an old person, grunting each time I sat down or stood up for two days. However… the past 7 weeks have paid off. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve misplaced another pants size.

Let me tell you, “the trainer” wasn’t getting a Christmas card until I found out that wonderful news.  So today, I’m smiling just a little bit brighter, and actually looking forward to whatever challenge he has for me.

Holy cow… Today’s my first go at his upper-body workout. Wish me luck!


  • This weeks goals are as follows…


  • Continue my 6 day run/walk plan
  • 2 lower-body workouts/2 upper-body workouts w/ “the trainer”    UGH
  • Thianna D gave me a great idea… so I’m trying it out. At least 4 times a day I will stop whatever I’m doing and do 10 minutes of exercise.  IE: Jumping Jacks, Lunges (for my buns of steel I’m working on LOL), crunches etc.

Stay tuned next week to see if “the trainer” is still on the Christmas Card list… he might do such an awesome job he makes it to the #naughty list. heh

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996.

12 responses to “Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 7 #ASMSG

  1. Way to go Penny that is fantastic! You should feel very proud that is an awseome accomplishment. You are the workout queen. You know it’s working when it hurts so much you dont even want to sit down to pee. But honestly in awe & now you are adding 10 minutes four times a day! I don’t think I would make it past 2 minutes of jj. You continue to inspire with your postive attitude and determination. It has been very helpful- thank you. Going to have to ask my mean sister some things I can do to step it up. I may hate you for this. Have fun with your “trainer”.

    PS every time I visit I get a new icon on your site. I am a little crazy but not this much it is giving me multiple personalities!

    *smooshy hugs*

    • Lol you inspire me to be a better me so there!!! Lol

      Your mean sister, I don’t think I wanna meet! heh

      WordPress is messing with your mind… Heh I paid it to do that. -giggles-

      The Bad Penny

      P.S. -smooshy snuggles-

      • Thanks sweet cheeks that means a lot. Always here if you need me. And truly thank you for the motivation it feels good. Although you won’t get me to run ruins my poor feet that or heels but sticking to that its the running. I reserve running to catch planes or my kick & run act.

        Bad word press…. Naughty Penny is going to get you in trouble!

        LOL probably not. She is incredible but that dancer in her is just mean. She won’t like when she finds out my reward for reaching my goal.


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