It’s my birthday! #ASMSG

Hoppy Easter my lovelies. 

As many of you know my birthday is also today, and I’ve been consumed with dancing, family, friends, and chosen family!

And  … I just released a hot new vampire story that’s  Only .99¢  

The Exception: an eternal kiss


Vampire, sex, and romance all wrapped up into one short story.  Help make my b-day the bestest day ever, and spend less than the cost of a coke!!!

Love and licks!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Patience is NOT my Virtue #PoetryWednesday #ASMSG



I’ll be your puppet

Your friend

Your guardian angel

’til the end.


I’m willing to give it a chance

Please, can we dance

See where this road takes us

See what this life makes us


Don’t question your sanity

It’s not your vanity


Maybe it’s what’s meant to be

You opening my lock with a key

Don’t you see…


I’m ready for what’s to come

I’m ready to stop playing dumb


I know what you want,

I know what you need,

You want to see me suffer

I’m ready for you to take the lead

Do it already, Jeez.


Patience is not my virtue.

Morning Glory… #ASMSG #Poetry #GloryHole #Erotica

Let’s play a little game
Can you name…


My favorite position?



You guessed it

Come, have a sit


And I’ll tell you my story

About the glory… Hole!

Oh, my soul


I had no idea they came in so many sizes

And some had a few surprises


I licked and sucked the first few

The next instructed me on what to do


“Turn around, spread your slit.”

“I’m about to fuck you … until you can’t sit.”


And he did… twice

Boy was it nice


The last guy in turn

Left me with concern


“I’m not sure you will fit through the hole.”

“You do have quite the pole.”


He laughed, and so did I

Then in my ear, I heard “hi.”


His breath was hot

I was caught


Our bodies rocked together as one

Until we both came undone


He whispered. “Is that what you expected?”

“I think it’s been perfected.”


My fingers brushed his chin

“Yes, exactly as you penned.”


All a fantasy he shared in a story

Now fulfilled, Morning glory…

Penelope Jones Copyright 2013

Bad Penny reveals herself for Tribal Fire 2013 #ASMSG #BDSM


Every wanted to know exactly what a Bdsm/Leather event is?

Or maybe you already know, and you just needed a good recommendation?

Or you want to meet Bad Penny in person? Or maybe Thianna D is who you’d like to meet?  Either way you came to the right place! -giggles-

Tribal Fire 2013

Welcome to The Dirty Dozen, Tribal Fire© 12!

Tribal Fire will be held in Oklahoma City, May 3rd through May 5th, 2013.Tribal Fire has our usual fare of World-Class Vendors, Renowned Presenters, Hands-On Seminars and Classes, Nightly Dungeon Parties, and the Always Unpredictable Fetish Gala.  This year’s event will also include our attention to detail and Okie hospitality for which Tribal Fire has become famous (or it that infamous?)!

Oh, yes, don’t forget our interactive Friday Night “Meat ‘n’ Greet“!

The Tribal Fire committee is dedicated to producing an event that caters to every segment of the Leather/BDSM community.

You must be at least 21 years old to participate in Tribal Fire activities.

So… guess what?

I’ll be here and so will my buddy Thianna D.  We’ll be co-teaching a class called The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Erotica and Publishing.  Where she has extensive publishing knowledge, I seem to have a handle on social media and blogging. 🙂  Together we plan to educate while having fun, and perhaps in the process we’ll gain a few new readers.

So you want to come too? I got a discount for you… click here to register by April 1st at 11:55pm, and put in this code : badpenny  and get a 3 day BDSM/Leather weekend event for only $100.00!!!

And OK… OK… fine!

I know I promised I’d reveal myself…  Make your way through the pictures from #Naughtycouch takes Chicago below,  and you will find me! 🙂

HEY! Don’t skip ahead you cheaters! -giggles-

image (2)

The Illinois River turned green for St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago!



The cool view of the buildings from Carebear’s SUV! 🙂


Waiting for my plane.


Gino’s East Pizza Food Yum… Meghan sucked as a waitress though! Hatefulness gets you nowhere missy! 🙂

Bad Penny boots

My sexy boots at dinner, The Farmhouse before our VIP club adventure at the Ybar.


Finally… Carebear on the left and Bad Penny on the right… Fun and Dancing at The Mid, one of the top 10 hottest clubs in Chicago!

Hope to see you at Tribal Fire! Don’t forget if you register by April 1st at 11:55pm with discount code: badpenny  it’s just $100.00

Licks and kisses!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996! 

Sunshine Award

Pop on over to my girl Julie’s blog. She was awarded the Sunshine Award, and then she passed it onto me! Her blog is super interesting, great fun, and she inspires me on many levels.  I suck at awards, but I wanted her to know I appreciate her! 🙂


Sunshine Award.