It’s my birthday! #ASMSG

Hoppy Easter my lovelies. 

As many of you know my birthday is also today, and I’ve been consumed with dancing, family, friends, and chosen family!

And  … I just released a hot new vampire story that’s  Only .99¢  

The Exception: an eternal kiss


Vampire, sex, and romance all wrapped up into one short story.  Help make my b-day the bestest day ever, and spend less than the cost of a coke!!!

Love and licks!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

46 responses to “It’s my birthday! #ASMSG

  1. I have had the privilege to wish you a “Happy Birthday” on several occasions throughout this day. And I couldn’t think of a nicer, warmer, and loving person to have such an occasion more than once in a year. “Happy Birthday” Penelope, It’s is so nice to call you my friend… Joseph

  2. Happy birthday my lovely girl!! Hope you had a wonderful time out last night. You are always teasing me with coke 😜! Giant leaves tonight ill have to indluge in a refreshing treat while reading your book! Congratulations cutie! Licks & Ninbles!

    • Licks and kisses!!! Yummy soda! I’d share mine with you if we were closer! 🙂 last night was awesome! Today was even better! Best birthday ever, ever!

      Bad Penny’s always to blame!

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