Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath Coming soon… #Poetry #ASMSG

Good morning my lovelies…

For those that might have missed it… it’s with a super sad face I must share that the original Iniquitous Solace: Rhythmic words of lust and love has been unpublished by Max. My heart is broken over the book. I’m hoping you will like the new concept I’ve come up with to share pieces of my work from the original book and continue the story into the new book.

The poem below is an oldie but a goodie, and will be in the next Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath please enjoy!


Get Off My Lawn

by Penelope Jones


I couldn’t bear to see you go

I was pretty sure my life was at an all time low


How could you just walk out?

Leaving me in turmoil and filled with doubt


Doubt of myself, of my ability to serve

Loathing the decisions I made around life’s every curve


Normally, I spit in the face of men like you

Tell my friends to dump the loser because he has no clue


Yet, I am in love with a man who wears such a ‘hat’

Well.. here’s my big fuck you to that


I’m tired of this roller coaster of emotional strife

Fuck— you said you planned to make me your wife


The way our lives melded into a perfect fit

Assholes should come with a sign and a repellent kit


Hurt, disbelief and then came even more

When I watched you pick her and walk out the door


Picked her over me like she’s some prize

Leaving me angry, broken, and filled with your lies


Lies you told to get exactly what you require

Everything you said, branded you a liar


A liar, a cheat, a piece of shit— All of these

I wouldn’t care if you came back on your knees


Nothing you said could ever right your wrong

Stop— before our lives become a bad country song


Go fuck yourself, seriously jump off a bridge

It might even do my shattered heart good, just a smidge


I loved you to pieces, and now I’m the one broken

All this transpired with very little words spoken


Perhaps, I’ve said enough, I should move on

Fuck you… GET OFF MY LAWN!



Penelope Jones copyright 2013

14 responses to “Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath Coming soon… #Poetry #ASMSG

  1. Your anger is palpable and for good reason. Know you are a 100 times better without him. That doesn’t make it easier. Writing very full if raw emotions. You are able to write what people think and feel but can not articulate.

  2. Not worth sugar coating for some people, quite honestly you are better on as you are, and as one door closes another one opens, x you deserve more xx

  3. Hello Penelope,
    Thank you for liking all my post. I really appreciate the. thanks to you and others, today we broke my record “Most Likes in One Day.” 12! I love that….thank you.

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