Masks #Poetry #ASMSG




I screamed from the depths of my lungs

in the quietest voice possible,

“I’m sane, I promise.”

Laughter filled the room.





I cried from the depths of my soul

with the smallest whimper.

“I’m not needy, I’m high maintenance.”

Grins flooded my friend’s faces.





I begged from the depths of my heart,

my whisper crawled like an infant.

“Broken, bah. I’m super glued.”

Winks and smiles were given.




I have them ten fold

and it’s why my ability to love

remains on hold

no longer bold

becoming cold…


And bitter

A quitter.


Love, just four little letters

It’s supposed to make everything better

not worse

maybe I’m cursed

Damned if I don’t,

damned if I do.

That’s my cue


Push… Push as hard as I can

I don’t need a man

or woman










I wear them to protect us all

I don’t think I could handle

one more fall


From grace

I need space

Pushing and pushing



I’m laying prone




My emotions billow

tears hit the pillow





It’s of my own doing

yet I’m sad.

When I should be glad,

I’m mad.


Mad…that I can’t believe in love anymore

supposedly natures cure

so pure.


White innocence like a dove

that’s not love.

Hatred of what love costs

A battle

I lost.




I’ll be putting mine back on now.


I’m linking up with Open Link night for poets…. So hop, skip, jump, or hump on over to dVerse Poets Pub and see what others are rhyming about! 🙂

37 responses to “Masks #Poetry #ASMSG

  1. oh love. we hide some much from the world under the guise of being happy and okay. just know in the most painful parts of the journey you are never alone. you shine too brightly for that heart to find what makes it whole. xxx

  2. It is so easy to hide true emotions behind a mask. Makes me think of this Moody Blues song, Painted Smile:
    Laughter is free but it’s so hard for me A jester all the time, no one’s believing I’m the same when I’m bleeding And I hurt all the time deep inside

  3. my whisper crawled like an infant.

    “Broken, bah. I’m super glued.”…really cool lines that…and love supposed to make it better….yeah i hear you there as well…masks though…do they let us truly live?

    • First thank you for the compliments!

      And masks probably keep is from living to some extent …
      But I’m hell bent
      on protecting my heart…

      Falling in love?
      That’s a glove …
      I’m scared to wear…
      Do I dare?

      Only time will tell 🙂

      Bad Penny

  4. oh i can understand that need of wearing a mask esp. after being disappointed by people you think you can the long haul we miss out on much though if we continue to wear them..not easy though..i know..

  5. I do hope someday there is someone with whom a mask is unnecessary. I do think sometimes we wear them for a while……until we build trust, then take it off a little bit at a time. But I DO think I understand what you are saying here. And it IS hard sometimes when one has been hurt.

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