My Lovelies… I need you! The Aftermath has arrived! #ASMSG #Poetry

Anyone know what day it is?  It’s O-M-G! Release day for “Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath”


I’ve told you about the book so many times… I feel like I’m shoving it down your throat… So I promise to be brief.


Iniquitous Solace the Original was my baby. I nurtured it, I cultivated it, I went out and whispered sweet nothings in all my lovelies ears to read it, and then had the carpet yanked out from under my feet.


Well… I dissected the original. I’ve created a new concept, and produced hopefully an even better idea.   Something that even more people can dive into and get lost inside.


We all want to fall in love and for it to last a lifetime. But life and wishes rarely coincide, so what happens when love dies and you’re the only one still holding onto broken dreams?

In Iniquitous Solace – The Aftermath, we get a glimpse into the world of one such lovelorn poetess. Come laugh and love with Penelope as she shares her very soul through her heartfelt words and poetic verse. With this girl you get it all; come walk in her shoes, wear her stripy knee-socks, or even her collar that locks! Though battered and bruised, you will love the spirit that defies disappointment. Penelope Jones picks herself up, dusts herself off and stares life straight back in the eye. 

Iniquitous Solace – The Aftermath. For a different kind of love.



Here’s where you come in my lovelies!  

We as indie writers cannot survive without our readers.  I know you guys do not read my blog just for you health, although we know Bad Penny is full of vitamins and minerals! -giggles-  What I’m getting at is you must like me, my poetry, my dirty stories, or all the above.

Right?  Please just nod your head. -winks-

So… why did I say all that? Because I need you to help me spread the word.  It’s a hard field of writing to be in with a very specialized theme of BDSM erotica, but add it into a poetry category, and now we are grasping at straws. 🙂


What can you do to help me?  I knew you’d ask. -winks- Be my Street Team!

Tweet, Facebook, Google+, tell your friends, or buy a copy and leave a review!  Anything you want to do to help… I promise is greatly appreciated!

And I’m going to make it even easier to help… Here is a  (tweet, Facebook, Google+) tagline you can copy and paste it anywhere you’d like! 🙂

NEW RELEASE!   A story of Dominance & Submission turned tragic & out emerged a beautiful butterfly. #poetry  #BDSM


P.S. Tune in Sunday … Contests, free stuff, giveaways, and Bad Penny Trivia!


Buy links:

(Kindle apps are free of charge for most smart phones, and they even have an app for your pc!)

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Smashwords: Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath — If you don’t have a kindle or kindle app? Buy here… they have all other options! 🙂

You can get Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath on any Amazon site world-wide.

15 responses to “My Lovelies… I need you! The Aftermath has arrived! #ASMSG #Poetry

  1. I have Just Tweeted and Posted to Facebook your purchase sites for Amazon US and UK and Smashwords. Much success to you Penny with the “Real” and “Honest” version of this Great Book.

    • Thank you so much Joseph! You really are an amazing person! I’m gonna owe you and Gem both dinner one day!!! 🙂 And it will be a debt I’d gladly pay! You guys rock socks!


    • I lovers you Beth! You have been an amazing support, especially through these last few weeks! I hope that anything you need when it comes time for you to push the button … you ask! I’m here for you girl! Love and licks!


  2. Reblogged this on paddledhusband and commented:
    I’ve known Penny for a while and I’m sure anyone who reads her book is in for a naughty treat. One day I intend to buy her book but for now I’ll support her any way I can. If you like a naughty sexy read this is the book for you.

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