You’re my Everything #Poetry #ASMSG


You love me from afar

Keeping me at a distance

Your heart kept tight in a jar


Protected until you need me

And even sometimes when you don’t

You see, that is the key


That unlocks the puzzle of your soul

Granting permission for us to become whole


Allowing me to breathe in the essence of you

It is True


You’re my everything


Penelope Jones copyright 2013

This was brought you in part by dVerse Poet Open Link Night Week 98

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61 responses to “You’re my Everything #Poetry #ASMSG

  1. A gnat hit me in the eye
    A giant stole my jewels
    I found a hole
    Let the sun stream in
    An errant spear touched me
    Brushed away
    Meaningless fell
    A gnat hit me in the eye
    A giant stole my jewels
    Unlike this
    sleek-skinned we pass
    streams of sun and errant
    Once upon a time
    A gnat hit me in the eye

    I’m just sayin

  2. I like the voice. Well you weren’t writing about weed, so I guess its a love poem, : ) , JJ, love it, I like the melody , voice, and feel. Breathing in the essense of someone. I like that, even more than anything recreational. Excellente!

  3. Is it love when the object is kept at a distance? Yes, I think it is. We all maintain some distance even form those that we love the most. Beautifully written, Penny.

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