Guest Post: The Dark Toy Room by CP McClennan #Erotica #ASMSG @stranded_in_to

Good day my lovelies!  


Earlier in the week I was hosted by CP McClennan to take part in his Fellatio Project, and I had a blast writing a story just for him.


After it was all said and done, I jokingly said, “Now you owe me a story, and it better have spanking!”  Well… I got it… MEOW— I got it!




A Dark Toy Room

by C.P. McClennan




The dark did not stop him, it seemed. Diane enjoyed the burn his hand had given her ass as she braced on her hands and knees anticipating the next one.

“You shrew!” he screamed.


Darryl liked to call her shrew. It was so much more Shakespearean than slut. He always felt it made him seem more cultured.  Many quotes were tossed about whether or not he truly knew what they meant.  He claimed to have studied the bard in his university years.

Diane believed that when he said “studied”, he really meant “attended classes to sleep off the hangover”.


He was just a really cool dom with some really creative ideas. How many doms could offer visual deprivation and still spank?  She had been through so many that thought they were dominant but really had no clue.  A good dom was not as easy to find as one might hope.  Darryl was kind, attentive, listened, and had this childlike curiosity that made for some really interesting occasions…like this one.


This last strike caused Diane to squirm, but the cuffs around her wrists and ankles allowed very little movement.

Darryl had done this place up right with the padded floor, adjustable cuff lengths and even the ceiling cinch that held Diane’s midriff restrained, keeping her on her hands and knees.


Just being in the get up was a huge turn on for Diane. Then the assault of Darryl’s open bare hand on her ass already had her nearing orgasm in the pitch black.

On the walls were posters of Black Sabbath, Styx, and even The Guess Who as the place was done up with a flair for the 70s and 80s…when the lights were on.

Of course, right now, all Diane saw was black.


A piece of flesh touched her lips in the darkness.  It felt round, almost knobbish.

Flicking her tongue, Diane recognized the taste of Henry’s cock. She sucked it in as deep as she could.  Warmth that erections gave off in her mouth always made her suck harder.


Henry…well, it was too dark, but it tasted like him…put a hand on the back of her head and began to guide her pace and pushed deeper.


Trying not to gag, Diane accepted the throat fucking greedily and still wanted more.


To her surprise, a body slid between her legs and beneath her.  The offered erection was immediately accepted and devoured by her soaked pussy.  It seems it was hungry for cock, too.


The spanks were not quite as hard now. Diane assumed that Darryl didn’t want to accidentally stroke cock or balls of whomever she was now fucking.


With a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, she barely noticed the ongoing spanks…nor the fact that they had now ended.

She did sense the termination, however, when she felt the tip of a third cock slipping between her burning ass cheeks.  There was no pain as it slipped in.  It was hard, Diane realized, to decide just what direction to thrust when one had three men inside of her…but thrust she did, over and over until cum dripped from her mouth, pussy and ass.

The lights came on, finally, and her three lovers stood before her…each with night vision goggles in hand and a flaccid penis between his legs.

Darryl leaned forward and kissed her cheek, his grey whiskers tickling her.  “Happy birthday, babe.”

Diane gasped for breath.  “This was the best birthday, ever.”


Told you it was yummy! 🙂



Bio C.P. McClennan


Chris is a published fiction writer, father, atheist, kinkster, swinger and knows where his towel is.  Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada…for the last 28 years he has lived in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada…and he misses his mountains.

Chris is also a wonderful friend and mentor. I met him when I first started, and I’m thankful our lives crossed paths!


Go find Chris here: 


Twitter:  @stranded_in_to

Fetlife:  stranded_in_to



8 responses to “Guest Post: The Dark Toy Room by CP McClennan #Erotica #ASMSG @stranded_in_to

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  2. she is my addiction
    my love, that bitch, my flame.
    that lust, that sweat and, that, pain.
    in every nerve, that pulse, that blood in my vain.
    her swag, that ass.
    those heels, that bag,
    her lips, those thighs, my god
    she moves, at risk that kiss, her touch
    her lust, her breast , her lips.
    her mouth ,my god -her teeth, my flesh,
    her hands my pants, my-god-the rush.
    our eyes, that glance we dance
    we stand , we sit. she bites my lip.
    my hands explore , her hand my throat’
    she push, i pull , we lay unclothed.
    sheets lay drown in sweat,
    the sweet taste of lust…….
    SHE …
    she is you ,
    she is her,
    she is the love i feel if there was a she.
    she lives within me,
    since i have no her but if she was to ever be,
    then that would be the she of who I speak.
    how to explain me without she,
    for she is my all,
    my heart and my soul ,
    all that, that is right in me.
    she is my addiction.

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