Come make sparks w/ me! #ASMSG #Spank #Menage #Erotica

Sparks are flying my lovelies… 

The Babysitter Extraordinaire volume 2 is just fractions from being finished for next week’s 4th of July release.  I’m so excited; I didn’t want you to forget, so here’s a reminder… 

BSE Graphic Vol 2-1

I’m hoping you’ll remember now. *winks*  The Babysitter Extraordinaire volume 1 is on Amazon now, and soon volume 2 will be joining her for only .99cents!

I hope you have wild weekend plans! Drop me a note below and share your dirty secrets; if you dare! 🙂

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

11 responses to “Come make sparks w/ me! #ASMSG #Spank #Menage #Erotica

  1. I’m going to add…

    OMG you guys all let me spell stupor wrong! LOL (typoed but whatever) Not a single person told me! I found it myself, hours later! (P.S. No- it’s not still wrong, I fixed it!) hehe


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