Excerpt from my new release 8-1-13 Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety #ASMSG #BDSM

Good morning my lovelies… 

I do hope your hump day is going well!

You ready for Miss Bell Notoriety? 

“Where do you think you’re going? Did I give you permission to leave, my little fuck doll?”  Joe’s words practically purred at her in that quiet Tenor tone of his.

Those last four words were her undoing, she moved like silk in a breeze to her knees, and crawled like an animal. Belle rested her cheek just at his inner thigh, and he laughed. Belle didn’t care; it’s all part of their little game, it gets them both jazzed, and eventually off.

“No, Sir.” Her eyes tipped towards him, and a very convincing innocent pout creased the corners of her pretty little mouth. “You were in such a foul mood this morning; I just knew you wouldn’t want to be bothered with me, Sir. I apologize.” Belle’s soft melodious tone soothed Joe; it always had, and his fingers lightly stroked through her golden tresses.

“You’re never a bother to me but often just a piece of ass.” His arrogance hung in the air like a lingering odor, and then he laughed again. “Today though, I think you know what I need.”

No words needed to be exchanged at that point. Her face pressed into his straining black trousers, and her mouth gently gnawing at the length of his hard shaft through the cloth. He smoothly unbuckled his belt, and his pants slipped down his hips. Exactly what he need, and what she wanted was about to occur. Joe’s strong fingers wrapped the base of his cock, smacking the head against Belle’s cheek making a hallowed thumping sound. Rapidly she blinked, and mewled her need, her want to taste him. Slowly her curvy frame pressed into him; her heaving breasts brushing across his thighs, as she hovered over her delectable prize. 

She’s almost here! 8-1-13…. Amazon.com is the place to be! 

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Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety Cover Reveal!!! #ASMSG #Erotica #Dominatrix #BDSM

Lick. Suck. Blow.

His name was Joe


My funds had depleted so low,

and he had mad dough


You perverts…


Lick his envelopes

Suck his carpets clean with a vacuum

and blow leaves off the walkway


Lick. Suck. Blow

No, I’m not a ho

I’m Joe Switzer’s  secretary though


But later…


I’ll lick him clean

suck him dry,

and blow his mind


Because I’m that kinda girl… Lick. Suck. Blow.



I’m Little Miss Bell Notoriety





Coming to an ebook vendor near you!!!


Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety will be available August 1st…. I truly hope you love her as much as I do…and here’s a special shout out to my girl @PattiSparkles who helped me created Miss Bell Notoriety! I lovers you long time girl!!! 



Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013

Introducing Belle Notoriety… Release Date 08-01-2013 #ASMSG #Erotica #Dominatrix #spanking

Hello out there,

I’m Miss Belle Notoriety, and I live in Shagville Heights. I very pleased to meet all of you. So… Penny asked me to share a few things about myself, so here it goes.

I’ve lovely blonde hair, the brightest blue eyes you ever did see, and I have an ass you wish you could do really naughty things to! And you might be able to if you ask nicely or beg, begging gets you everywhere with me.

I work for the only law firm within fifty miles of here, Joseph Switzer and Assoc. I’m Mr. Switzer’s secretary, and whenever he feels like it, his fuck doll.  However, for you and those of Shagville Heights, I’m no fuck toy, in fact, stay tuned and see just who becomes whose fuck doll!

Psst…I think Bruce’s the Butcher loses, but I could be wrong.  You’ll have to come find out.

Love and Licks,

Little Miss Notoriety

August 1st, 2013  

Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety will be in publication!!! 

COVER Reveal This weekend!!! Stay tuned!

Love and Licks,

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Watering a “Slave” Flower #ASMSG #Taboo #Erotica





You’re watching as I kneel at your feet

Your gaze always brings a certain heat


My body comes to life at your word

With every command that I heard

I feel your steamy liquid as it seeps

Down my milky white skin it leaps

Tracing a trail of fiery need

All the way to my seed

Splashing as it keeps

Near my bosom and my seat


Golden Showers

Bring Slave Flowers

Your liquid pours

and I’m forever yours


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Let the ‘master’ work… #Poetry #erotica #polyamory #polyamorous #ASMSG



I love being Poly,

But good golly, Miss Molly


It’s hard

Always on guard

Hoping your heart won’t get marred

You life won’t be left ajar


Maybe you don’t know what I mean

So please listen; keep your ears keen


I love more than one person at a time

A penny for your thoughts now costs a dime

I know it’s a lot to ingest

I thought being truthful would be best


I love with all my heart

As a secondary I know my part


I’m always considerate of the situation

I’m the one that tries to relieve the frustration


It’s not my place to horn in

That would be a cardinal sin


I’ll just sit and wait for my turn

On this point I’m very stern


I refuse to hurt someone else to get what I want

I’m honest to a fault; I’m direct and up front


I’m a slave to the core of my being

I hope now that you are seeing


Why I’m so good at what I do

I told you…


I’ve been infiltrating poly family for years

Sit back, relax, and watch my dears!


Let the ‘master’ work. 



Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!