Is Happiness a Deafening Silence? #Poetry #ASMSG


Silence is happiness

Find yourself at the sound of a pin drop

Get lost in the deafening quit

Silence is the key?

Copyright by Penelope Jones 2013

12 responses to “Is Happiness a Deafening Silence? #Poetry #ASMSG

        • I pick such bad men
          It should be a crime
          I’m doing the time

          I bobbed when I should have weaved
          I couldn’t believe
          The lies, the manipulation
          Only added to my frustration

          It’s easier to be without
          You aren’t left with doubt

          Love used to fit me like a glove
          No I just wanna give it a hard shove!

          Sorry I’m bitter and broken
          Here’s a token…

          Life is a balancing act…
          Don’t trip or
          You’ll go splat!

          How’s that … for love?

          (Hah Bad day lol)


          • I’m sorry to hear that you pick such bad men
            That your heart is left aching and partly broken
            But life is much more than a balancing act
            It’s open and full of such joy – it’s a fact.
            Your bad day is cool when it settles and calms
            And you think of the good things, the strength in your arms
            And your way of remembering how to be real.
            It is possible, Be strong. Remember to feel.

            I hear you! lol

  1. Excellent! Not sure why but this poem made me think of the lyrics for Florence and the Machine’s Dog Days are Over. Have you ever read the lyrics? Just beautiful.

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