Love vs. Sex! #ASMSG #Polyamory #Lifestyle #relationships

Polyamorous Relationships= Love

Open Relationships= Sex 


Yes I said it, and I mean it!



I am a commitment phobe! That hasn’t changed… however I am still sticking to the standard; I am finding reasons to try rather than ways out of relationships!

YAY me!

Anywho, lately, it has been weighing heavily on my mind this topic.  A Polyamorous relationship vs an Open relationship?  Has Fetlife corrupted these two topics and made them interchangeable?



I’m such a tease…

Head over to Thianna D’s blog and see what I have to say about Poly vs. Open relationships.


P.S. It’s my opinion based on facts of what Polyamory is and , and what an Open Relationship is and is not. So, please, form your own opinions, and feel free to leave me comments below; let me know what you think! 🙂

(In case you missed it up there) Go here! 


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18 responses to “Love vs. Sex! #ASMSG #Polyamory #Lifestyle #relationships

  1. I jumped on over and read the blog post…yes you are such a tease but I love you anyway 😉

    Last month at one of the local munches I had the pleasure of talking in depth to a lady who is poly. It was fascinating to talk to her and get a real understanding of what poly is and what it is not.

    Is FetLife itself trying to blur the lines between what a open relationship and a poly relationship is, no I don’t think so. I think it is more so mis-information, where people don’t really understand what a poly relationship is compared to a open/swinger relationship.

    Th two are VERY different and I think most people are not aware of that thinking the two are interchangeable.

    Poly can take a number of different forms even in the BDSM community.

  2. Yes, you mean it, but can you have both? That is, can an open-rel. turn into a poly one or isn’t an open rel. with someone a form (ok, sex only) of polyamory? People I’m poly with eventually have sex with me. That’s why the two are often blurred together.
    A question for you: if one has only an intense bdsm relationship with another (no sex) out of passion (i.e. not for $) is that polyamorous? Or is it an open relationship.
    FetLife seems tome to be a dating site. When people say they’re poly it usually means something different than when they say they’re in an open relationship.
    A lot of guys prefer open relationships to polyamorous ones – just sex only. Usually if a guy only tells you his first name the relationship is open and not likely to be poly. Just my ramblings.

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