Introducing Belle Notoriety… Release Date 08-01-2013 #ASMSG #Erotica #Dominatrix #spanking

Hello out there,

I’m Miss Belle Notoriety, and I live in Shagville Heights. I very pleased to meet all of you. So… Penny asked me to share a few things about myself, so here it goes.

I’ve lovely blonde hair, the brightest blue eyes you ever did see, and I have an ass you wish you could do really naughty things to! And you might be able to if you ask nicely or beg, begging gets you everywhere with me.

I work for the only law firm within fifty miles of here, Joseph Switzer and Assoc. I’m Mr. Switzer’s secretary, and whenever he feels like it, his fuck doll.  However, for you and those of Shagville Heights, I’m no fuck toy, in fact, stay tuned and see just who becomes whose fuck doll!

Psst…I think Bruce’s the Butcher loses, but I could be wrong.  You’ll have to come find out.

Love and Licks,

Little Miss Notoriety

August 1st, 2013  

Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety will be in publication!!! 

COVER Reveal This weekend!!! Stay tuned!

Love and Licks,

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

10 responses to “Introducing Belle Notoriety… Release Date 08-01-2013 #ASMSG #Erotica #Dominatrix #spanking

  1. Well this certainly will make “August 1st” something to look forward too… ✨

    Now, I’ve gotta go Penny, I’m running for Mayor of “Shagville Heights” and I’ve got to shake some hands or something this evening… (◐.̃◐)

    Much success with this one Penny… I know it will be great… 🌟

    • Billy you’re so damn cute. Thank you so much!!! I do hope you are having a most wonderful weekend!! In just a few I’m totally going to reveal the cover!!! I so can’t wait to see what everyone thinks!!!

      Hugs, P

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