Suffering in silence… #ASMSG #Inspirational #Love #Life

While I should be thrilled about my new book release, which I’m not even going to mention the name of… I’m suffering in silence… 

I want to share a little more of me….

I don’t want to talk about me or my own problems… I know, how is that sharing a little more of me, but I promise you’ll understand.


While 2013 in so many ways has been an amazing year for me, I’ve also suffered sadness like you wouldn’t believe, but not just me; I suffered silently for my friends as well.

A reader I’d never met in my life, but yet we talked almost daily on twitter for 7 months died just a few months back, and I was devastated. He suffered in silence.  I had to take an entire day to just recover from the shock and sadness.  Although I was sad, I can’t imagine the emotional toll it took upon his family; he was only 32.

A writer, who I would consider a dear friend, yet I’ve never met her either, has suffered so much loss in her family, I’ve no idea how to comfort her anymore. My heart aches for her, yet she is one of the strongest women I know. I know she suffers in silence just as I do, but she is trooping along and still living the dream. Suffering in silence… 

2 very dear Leathermen from my lifestyle community passed away in the past year. One suffered silently with ALS; he smiled until the day he passed away. Another in a freak accident, but he suffered for 3 days putting on a brave face for us all before he died. Suffering in silence… 

A poet friend of mine just posted to his blog that he has been suffering for months, and more likely than not is going to die within the next few months from Lung cancer that has spread and is taking over his body.  Yet another person that suffered in silence… 

My dear friend suffered in silence knowing the secret of the man above for months, he trusted her. He loves her and she loves him, and my heart is breaking right now for them both. You’re both amazing people and deserve better. I’m sorry you had to suffer in silence… 


We suffer in silence because people don’t want to hear our problems. They want to live vicariously through us because they likely are already suffering in silence. It’s a vicious cycle, and we must stop it!

I for one am finished suffering in silence! If I’m having a bad day, be prepared to hear about them more often. If you truly care about me as a writer, as I do you as my readers… share with me as well!

That’s what my comment section is for! 

I truly lovers you guys more than you could ever know.  Thank you for bothering to read this far… Stop suffering alone; if no one else cares… I do! 


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

22 responses to “Suffering in silence… #ASMSG #Inspirational #Love #Life

  1. My thoughts, prayers and love for you this day Penny. You know we are never alone in this vast social-media world and just know there are many of us who love you dearly and offer our compassion to you this day also… ✴

    And my deepest condolences to those close to you and their families and friends whom you mentioned here this day also… ✨

  2. Penny, as always you are in my thoughts. While this community reaches far and wide there are many who consider you friend myself included.
    All of us have our trials and tribulations that we face daily and it is nice to know we are not alone.

    My thoughts are with you, your friends and families. They are truly lucky to have such a good friend as yourself in their life.

  3. Life is unpredictable and fragile, as we get older, we will keep hearing about people that we know, leaving before us and that just can’t be reversible. But for those who are still around us, do appreciate and show more love to them, so that one day when they leave, you will have no regrets. That’s what we can only do for ourselves and for others.

  4. There is supposed to be something noble in suffering in silence, but I don’t believe there is anything noble about it. As a ‘giver’ you must also be aware that there is a world of difference between a person who is habitually unhappy and one who is actually suffering. It’s important to recognize the difference. The former will drain you, the latter will love you.
    Big hugs to you my friend.

  5. Penny, this is very strong, both your heartache and your determination to speak up for and about yourself, and to be there for others. I can see you, in my mind’s eye, stepping forward with conviction. Sending you some positive energy flavored with appreciation.

  6. I am SO sad to hear about the people you’ve mentioned in your post. ((HUGS)) And as someone who occasionally “word vomits” (my term for it) on her own blog, I get it, respect it, and support it completely.

  7. My dear Friend you are so right. People hold back the bad. Wrongly they believe that few care, due to the social media atypical attitudes. They also do not wish to sound like Whiners and would rather suffer alone in silence. Some also fear the Trolls and Bullies from Twitter crossing over into this space to ridicule or question the reality of their illness and suffering. T&Bs are relentlessly stalking those who dare mention being sick, dying, or just recovering from any major condition.
    There are a greater number of people who actually have and show compassion for those who need and deserve it. Most people who are attacked would rather quit than put up with the daily conflicts, and for them I feel such sorrow and compassion. My position is people should be able to share with their friends, followers and a wider audience. Who knows who could have much more experience in dealing with such matters than just any of us singly. Do not be afraid to share, it’s part of our human DNA.
    Growing up with a military family, males were taught to never cry, never share feelings, just suck it up and go on quietly. Thank goodness, after children I learned they needed to know feelings and compassion. They needed to see and hear it from me daily. They are the Sons I wish I had known how to be. I am proud of them.
    Help is out there, love is out there and we should all at least listen without judging others. And be willing to just reach out and say, I hear you, I may not feel your pain, but I have felt other pain and let you know, I’m recognizing your pain and wish you the strength to come through what you are dealing with today. We can’t fix it, but what does it hurt to show compassion?
    We should also not feel bad if someone is going through bad stuff by sharing the good stuff that happens to us either, or?
    I fought being an empathy for years, most of my life, because the military side of me didn’t have time or space in my mind for that, because I had a greater purpose than just a few people to concern myself with. Now I realized sharing and caring is normal, not being weak or less manly.
    As humans, we have to share with one another or we break much more and deeper on the inside, which takes a lot more than a pill or drink to fix. Choose not to suffer in silence, choose to allow others an opportunity to demonstrate their compassion and help as they can. We are not meant to be islands or Bots.
    Now I will cease my rambling, sorry, sometimes the Dad in me kicks in.
    Crazy old Jarhead, out. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • I simple adore you, George! You made me smile, laugh, and cry in less than 5 hundred words! You ramble very nicely, and are welcome to anytime you wish in my comment section!

      Sparks for being a wonderful you!!! And hugs for having great sons! 🙂 are they all married? Heh Hugs!!!!


  8. It’s always hard to lose someone. It’s even hard when losing a loving pet. But if I may use a couple of cliches. The pain & suffering is over & they are in a better place. Celebrate their life, do not mourn their death.
    You never have to suffer in silence because we all will be willing to suffer with you!
    Lots of hugs a tissues!

  9. Hello Ms P. Caroline sent me your way.
    I’m Marcus. Just another bloke in the world.
    Lovely write. Suffering in Silence. So true in your words and also the comments made by your blogger friends.
    T and I are good friends. Neighbours. Were neighbours.
    Just wanted to introduce myself. Will visit your blog. Very impressive.
    Hopefully you’re enjoying the weekend.
    Peace and Love

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