It’s not about you #poetry #poem #TheAftermath #ASMSG

Morning my lovelies!

Sharing another little #poem  from “Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath” …


It’s not about you

by Penelope Jones


You made all these promises…


“I’ll take you to the moon and back!”

“I’ll make up for the childhood you lacked”


“I’ll protect you from it all”

“Just be my fuck-doll”


That’s what you said


My heart feels dead


The bad outweighed the good

I knew where you stood


I tried to hold on

But now that you’re gone?


I’m the happiest I can be

Because I get to be me


I can stop apologizing for not being wrong

I get to listen to my favorite songs


I no longer dance to make you happy

I can go back to being down right sappy


I missed me… the nice and fun girl

The uncultured pearl

I’m getting back to the me I loved!


The me


You kicked out of your den

Well now, I’m on the mend


Wish I could say the same for you…



You have no idea how socially inept you are

Why you’ll never shine like a star


Being nice

Comes with a price… you’ll never be willing to pay


Here’s a clue:

Sometimes it’s not about you— narcissistic bastard.


Penelope Jones Copyright 2013


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21 responses to “It’s not about you #poetry #poem #TheAftermath #ASMSG

  1. I have been a thinking on the same subject of late, re: the center of the Universe, here’s the thing, in an infinite universe there is no center or rather in infinity everywhere is the center. that is, you are the center of the Universe, but then, so is everyone else, a paradoxical fact that causes great confusion to all. lol

  2. I loved this cheeky heartfelt poem. I am happy you are back to being your wonderfully sparkley self. No one should keep you from shining. I have aftermath on my kindle can’t wait to read your words always come alive as I read them. ❌⭕

    • thank you honey. I know your life’s been nuts.. hope things slow down enough you get to read soon! -snuggles-

      Bad Penny

      On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 9:25 AM, Penelope Jones

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  4. My wife still to this day resents the fact that I will not make her the absolute center of my life – my dad made that mistake three times and got burned each time.

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