You’re a Good man #PoetryWednesday #ASMSG #Poetry


You’re a good guy

by Penelope Jones


A knife stuck through my back

I had a knack…


For finding the assholes


Then there was you,

Oh … pooh!


You came into my life when I needed you most

It all started when you responded to my blog post


It was easier to push you away, than to take that leap

Knowing you could leave me in a broken heap


You knew from the beginning I was a fucked-up mess

I used aversion tactics, pushed all your buttons

It was a test


You had me pinned

And would not let me win


Winning with you meant losing

And that wouldn’t be my choosing


Please just realize I was protecting my heart

I know it was a rocky start


I didn’t mean to be so damn defensive,

But humans have left me pensive


Questioning who I am,

Questioning you…



I’m really sorry you got caught in my broken life

Now you know why I’m not someone’s wife

… Too much strife.


I just need someone willing to knock down my walls

and stop treating me like a China-Doll


I know it’s contradictory to say it that way

but listen to what I have to say …


Being broken meant I was going to find reasons to hate

I just hope it’s not too late.


Because …


You’re a good man…

And, I’ve got a plan.

Penelope Jones copyright 2013

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