Night after Night #Poetry #Erotica #BDSM


It always starts out with tantalizing foreplay

Like a smoldering tease of summer in the month of may


Fingers tips weaving with a feather-light touch

Leaving me yearning, and burning like that night we went dutch


Acceleration of your lips that brushed and kissed over my skin

All the while, you the wolf were luring me to your den


Persuasion was a strong suit for you, but so was your tongue

From the tops of my lungs your praises were sung


That was just the appetizer, of course you had more

You made me orgasm, over and over down to my core


Now, it was your turn, and your dominance demands

My body twists and turns and flips as you gave commands


Your shaft plunging deeper and faster as you grunt and groan

My body reacting, contracting, and greeting you with every moan


Your breaths hot and caressing the shell of my ear

As you continue to thrust until orgasmic bliss draws near


Together we rock, and we roll with the force of our intimacy

The air stank of sex, and our screams were pure ecstasy


Into a heap we collapsed, your arms holding me tight

That’s the way it should be, night after night

Penelope Jones Copyright 2013

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