I need you to love me #poetry #love #romance


In this game of life,

We must take chances

Heed second glances


Touch with our eyes,

not just our hands

Knowing exactly where

each of us stands


You need me to be humble

I need you to be whole

You need me to help if you stumble

I need you to be the keeper of my soul


You need me to walk just behind

And I happen to think that’s just fine

Life without out us, just wouldn’t be the same

In fact Sir, many might even call it lame


I need you to guide me through right and wrong

You need me to sing you a favored song

It’s what we do, the short and the long


You’re my light in this crazy fucked up tunnel

Sometimes I feel like I’m downing in this funnel

of life and love, house and home

I wonder if you’re just on loan


Will life go back to being just a game of chance?

Will I have to find a new romance?

Why do I always doubt what could be right?

I’m always ready to take flight


Running from what might be perfectly just

Tempting and tormenting you with my lust

Leaving the bad guys eating my dust


Because it’s a must…


My heart’s been broken too many times

My mind’s a mine-field of all their dubious crimes

Lies and cheating and so much more


I want to push you away

But you won’t let me have that say

All I can whisper is, “Okay”


You need to fix me, you said it’s your job

I hope you’re ready, because the story makes me sob

Always the wrong guy, or the wrong turn

Always settling, will I ever learn?


You need me to be just who I am

I need you to love me just that way….damn

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

copyright 2013

Night after Night #Poetry #Erotica #BDSM


It always starts out with tantalizing foreplay

Like a smoldering tease of summer in the month of may


Fingers tips weaving with a feather-light touch

Leaving me yearning, and burning like that night we went dutch


Acceleration of your lips that brushed and kissed over my skin

All the while, you the wolf were luring me to your den


Persuasion was a strong suit for you, but so was your tongue

From the tops of my lungs your praises were sung


That was just the appetizer, of course you had more

You made me orgasm, over and over down to my core


Now, it was your turn, and your dominance demands

My body twists and turns and flips as you gave commands


Your shaft plunging deeper and faster as you grunt and groan

My body reacting, contracting, and greeting you with every moan


Your breaths hot and caressing the shell of my ear

As you continue to thrust until orgasmic bliss draws near


Together we rock, and we roll with the force of our intimacy

The air stank of sex, and our screams were pure ecstasy


Into a heap we collapsed, your arms holding me tight

That’s the way it should be, night after night

Penelope Jones Copyright 2013

You Always Do #Poetry #ASMSG #relationships


I know you can’t protect me from the harsh realizations of my life

I only hope you’ll shield me from harm and strife


I know you can’t guide me along every little path

I only hope you’ll check-in and see that I do the math


I know you can’t give into me, you know just what I need

I only hope you’ll push me to my limits, to help me to succeed


You will… You always do

“Daddies” may apply within,
Welcome … to my life of sin!

Penelope Jones Copyright 2013

You’re a Good man #PoetryWednesday #ASMSG #Poetry


You’re a good guy

by Penelope Jones


A knife stuck through my back

I had a knack…


For finding the assholes


Then there was you,

Oh … pooh!


You came into my life when I needed you most

It all started when you responded to my blog post


It was easier to push you away, than to take that leap

Knowing you could leave me in a broken heap


You knew from the beginning I was a fucked-up mess

I used aversion tactics, pushed all your buttons

It was a test


You had me pinned

And would not let me win


Winning with you meant losing

And that wouldn’t be my choosing


Please just realize I was protecting my heart

I know it was a rocky start


I didn’t mean to be so damn defensive,

But humans have left me pensive


Questioning who I am,

Questioning you…



I’m really sorry you got caught in my broken life

Now you know why I’m not someone’s wife

… Too much strife.


I just need someone willing to knock down my walls

and stop treating me like a China-Doll


I know it’s contradictory to say it that way

but listen to what I have to say …


Being broken meant I was going to find reasons to hate

I just hope it’s not too late.


Because …


You’re a good man…

And, I’ve got a plan.

Penelope Jones copyright 2013