Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety #Erotica Anthology #ASMSG

Good morning my lovelies…

I’ve neglected you so much lately, but my life has been all over the place. In case you aren’t in the know… I’m moving to Tulsa, Ok for work, and because I need a new adventure in my life.

There are many reasons that led up to my move, which is already in progress. In fact, I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for two weeks. Yikes, but I’m surviving, and wanted to share some awesomesauce news with you guys!

LMN graphic

I have new book trailers for all my books! My good friend and fellow bdsm erotic romance author Maggie Carpenter made my 1st one, and I’m very grateful to her.  She’s one of my favorite authors, so make sure to check out her books!

Oh… I guess you wanna see the book trailer, right?

Amazeballs… I want to read the book, and I wrote it! but if you aren’t convinced yet…

I thought a little sneak peek at a chapter might help… 


Ch. 5


“Belle…I said have those papers on my desk when I walked in the office, so would you care to explain why I don’t have them?” Joseph’s tall muscular frame shadowed over Miss Notoriety as her heart became a war drum pounding in her ears.

Mondays were always a fist full of excitement around the law office of Mr. Switzer, and that Monday was no different

“I… Umm…I apologize, Sir.” Belle stammered over her words, his face now inches from hers, and her deep blue eyes stared into the dark abyss of chocolate-brown. “My sister called, and I lost track of time. I’ll have them on your desk in less than fifteen minutes, Sir.”

“Not good enough.” Her head thrashed back with the hard yank of her hair. “Your sister is more important than your job, Miss Notoriety? Or more important than me?” He growled across her lips, and Belle could barely catch her breath before his lips crashed into hers, and she was devoured by the wolf.

He demanded her attention be given to his mouth and tongue, and Joseph’s free hand kneaded and pinched at her already hardening nipples. Each breast treated in the same rough fashion, and the kiss ended with a rush of air filling their lungs.

“Please Joseph, I’m sorry. Nothing’s more important than you.” Belle melted to the floor finding her knees, her chin tipped down, and her cheek brushed his outer thigh. She was apologizing, or tried to, before she was not so gently coaxed off the floor, and bent over her desk in the middle of the office.


Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety 

Please go get your copy here:




Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013

10 responses to “Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety #Erotica Anthology #ASMSG

  1. Rawr on the teaser! And I LOVE the book trailer…I wondered if it was Animoto! I’ve never used it for that, but I may have to try with my upcoming projects…VERY happy for you!!!

    • Thank you so much!!! And yep.. it’s so easy, and you can do them for free, if it’s 35 seconds or less. And I can sell a book in 35 seconds, can’t you? hehe!!!!!!!!

      Big hugs! P

      On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 1:15 PM, Penelope Jones

  2. Well congratulations on the new chapter in your life.
    As for the air mattress well I had been sleeping on one for while myself, finally bought a bed. Hope you don’t have to sleep on one to long.
    But really glad to hear things are moving forward in your life.
    Loved the trailer 🙂

  3. Great Little Trailer. You picked some great music. I’m sending great vibes for a great new adventure. You’ll still be around blog world, won’t you?

  4. Hey Hun good luck with your move and sleeping in a proper bed 😉 And I love the Book Cover and Book Trailers …you have been a busy little bee! Can’t wait to read and wishing you all the best! xox

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