Near Death Experiences can change the perspective… #ASMSG #Inspirational

Good afternoon my lovelies…  

I was going to announce my publishing anniversarybloggerversary, and my big surprise for all of you today, but I think that will have to wait for in the morning!


So… I had a near death experience last night… 







Haha… I know I should work on my subtlety,  right?

Yesterday, I went about my normal routine… I worked out in the morning, running my normal 3 miles. I ate breakfast, had a snack later on, and then had lunch! I went to donate blood right after this, and I came home feeling absolutely fine, that is until about an hour and a half later. I just didn’t feel right, my head felt as if it were swimming and my stomach was doing flip-flops. I thought for sure it was my blood sugar, so I went into my kitchen to get some chocolate and mountain dew (don’t judge) … well before I could get the chocolate down me, I passed out and face planted into the table mid-sentence. I can totally laugh about this now, but yesterday was plain frightening.

My poor, 82-year-old granny was terrified. She threw a cold, dripping wet rag on my face, and that woke me right up, but I still was fighting to stay conscious. Two more episodes of passing out at home, one ER visit, and low and behold, I’m here to write about it.

My blood pressure was so low it wouldn’t register on any machine, then add in my blood sugar which was 22, and it was a recipe for disaster. Clinically if you don’ t have a blood pressure, some say you’re dead. All I know is I had a complete out-of-body experience last night, and I know what people are talking about now!

It’s weird to feel like the volume in your life has just been amplified by a thousand, and your entire body feels all tingly, then the tunnel vision begins, and the lights become dim. I tried several times to stop myself from passing out. Talking seemed to keep my mind going, and joking has always been how I masked my pain, hurt, or fear. However, my granny did not appreciate my jokes about “I’m dying”.

My blood pressure had not registered for the 3rd or 4th time last night, and here’s the conversation between my granny and myself…

Me: It’s because I’m dead, but I can still talk.

Her: That’s not funny, and if I wasn’t so old, I’d spank you.

Me: Granny… you know I like that, right?

Her: That’s not funny either!


I don’t care who you are… that shit is funny!


Awesome Grandma Is Awesome



In my defense, I was not really in my right head when I said it, and hopefully that is NOT something she will remember. I didn’t remember it; my mother told me about it! Yes, I said my mother… everyone but my granny knows about my lifestyle, my writing, and my teaching. I guess granny D now knows way more than she ever bargained for, the poor dear.

I survived, and from this day forward I’m not taking today, tomorrow, or any day for granite. You never know just how many you might have left! Here’s my tip: Danger, Danger Will Robinson! DO NOT workout and think donating blood is a good idea in the same day! 🙂


Penny Anniversary

So… onto my happy anniversaries to me, but really it’s happy anniversary to you! Tune in tomorrow, and see the big surprise I have in store for you, my lovelies.


P.S. I still think my “It’s because I’m dead” comment is funny! If you can’t laugh about it, you will cry. Try and find the humor in the day… no matter how bad or indifferent it may be! I do it, and I challenge you to do the same!

Who’s with me? 


Penelope Jones- Continuing to spank it since 1996!!!

29 responses to “Near Death Experiences can change the perspective… #ASMSG #Inspirational

  1. Goodness! Here I was complaining about my knee and other issues and you almost died! I’m so glad you’re better. I’m really sorry I’m not going to see you this weekend. I have to say that I knew I liked you. Anyone who can laugh at the face of death is my kind of person! And yes…the “because I’d died” comment was a hoot.

  2. OMG girl I am so glad you are ok and despite how terrifying it was for you and for me reading this I have to say that I want to say in most stoner voice *even though I never done any drugs* How cool you had an out of body experience.
    As for your Granny I am laughing. I am sure she can handle it after all she is related to you. 🙂

  3. I agree – that’s funny! Even better, you lived to tell about it so others can laugh with you again. Your granny sounds cool.

    I’m going back to lurkerdom on your blog, but wanted you to know I am very glad you’re okay. Happy Blogiversary and everything else you’re celebrating!

    • Thank you, Irishey! Very sweet of you to come out of lurkerville for me! And check in tomorrow… A free book is the surprise! 🙂 you’re the 1st to know!

      P.S. My granny D says, “Why yes, I am cool… Oh and tell her thanks.” Hehe


  4. I am glad you are alright, reading this was both scary and humorous at the same time. Take good care of yourself young lady, intend to be reading your boss for a long time to come.

  5. Glad you are alright! You shouldn’t give your loved ones such a scare. You deserve a punishment! Where’s that paddle? 30 per cheek!

  6. I’m sorry – I realise that near death experiences shouldn’t be laughing matters… but the conversation with your Gran made me laugh so hard that I had to wait 5 minutes before I could write this comment. I can still barely see for tears, so if there are any typos you’ll know why!

    Hope your okies now though, Missus Penny? 😉

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