I Guess We Will See… #OCT #Poetry #Poem #ASMSG


The doorway to everywhere

I sat and stared

Do I dare?

Does he really care?


Or the stairway to the unknown?

I’d reap what I’ve sewn,

And I’d do it alone…


I called him on the phone


“I’m ready to do this.” I said.

“Have you lost your head?”


I smiled just a little

I was about to piddle…



I took a leap of faith with just a call

I agreed to be his ragdoll


Used and abused as he saw fit

Spanked until I couldn’t sit


I was willing to try everything on his list

even the piss…


It was nice


I’m not sure he was ready for a girl like me

I guess we’ll see…

12 responses to “I Guess We Will See… #OCT #Poetry #Poem #ASMSG

  1. Hope in the process of pleasing your man,you’re also enjoying yourself. I’m not sure if I will ever find someone who is willing to go to that extent to please me. He must be a great guy!

    Thanks for ‘like-ing’ some of my posts.
    Wish you a sensual weekend.
    Pat ourselves and cheer, the world is not going to end.
    We all survive!
    Let’s treasure the people who are still around us.
    Let’s live in the moment and enjoy their company!

  2. Wow! I admire your courage to speak your experiences or desires so loud. I can relate to most of them, which is nice 😉


    • Thank you beautiful! I’m thrilled to write what others want or need to hear. It’s my life or was my life experiences that allow me to write with such depth of feeling! It’s super awesome in the process people enjoy it! Thank you again!

      Bad Penny

      • I’m living a “romance” similar to what you describe. Lot of delicious kinkiness and understanding, tenderness and respect. What I like about your blog is that I feel less alone in this way of thinking and living sex and love. In a certain sense I feel you close, like friends. I know that having a coffee with you talking about our sexexperiences would be nice 🙂

        Thank you very much for sharing, really. I appreciate it sooo much.


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