#Labels, Labels… Who’s got the labels? #MondayMorning Fika w/ @AnastasiaVitsky #ASMSG #Respect #DEC

Good morning my lovelies.

Today, I’ve been invited to do Monday Morning Fika with Anastasia Vitsky.  


If you don’t know who she is,  you must be living under a rock.  The woman has brought F/F spanking into the limelight, and she seems to be producing another book ever few weeks.  I only met her back in September, and I think she’s released like 5 maybe 6 books since then!  She’s a wonderful writer, but more than that, Ana’s an amazing person, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be invited to share my views on her blog.  





Monday Morning Fika is not about advertising your books, well, it is but not in a traditional sense of the marketing field.  Ana likes to have real lifestyle topics for it. She wants to know why we’ve chosen this lifestyle, or just what’s on our minds regarding different aspects of the lifestyle. (I use the term lifestyle loosely here… it could include but is not limited to: D&D, BDSM, Leather, Swinger, Polyamorous, Gorean, etc.)


I’ve chosen the topic of Labels: I teach an entire class called “Do you fit inside this box?; it’s all about the use of labels, why or why not we should use them, and how they affect and effect us all, and not just in our lifestyle choices, but in everyday life as well. 




Every single day we label things, places, and especially people. Are labels judgments?  Pop on over to Monday Morning Ficka and read just what I have to say about Labels!


Labels 2



Name two things inside my article that you agreed or even disagreed with… keep it civil, please. 🙂  (Leave answers below)


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

18 responses to “#Labels, Labels… Who’s got the labels? #MondayMorning Fika w/ @AnastasiaVitsky #ASMSG #Respect #DEC

  1. Penny, I have one label in mind this day and that is “Beautiful Soul” and it is attached to a wonderful, spirited, loving and caring woman who I just love having as a friend and supporter…. Thank You Penny, “Beautiful Soul,” for all you are to so many of us… 💝

  2. Labels are a product of the western mind’s desire to classify things (including people) to make them easier to deal with. We tend to compartmentalize everything so that any one thing is like all these other things and belongs in that group so I can deal with them as a group and not as individual things. The job is just too big to deal with every individual thing.

    Works great for batteries, cakes, and lawnmowers. Doesn’t work that great with people. But not all is lost. When you don’t fit conveniently in a group they call you “iconic”. Wait, is that a group?

  3. I definitely agree with you on labels. We use them because it makes it easier for us to “organize” things in our minds. But people aren’t things, so attempting to label a person does them and ourselves a disservice. I also agree with you about Ana. She has boundless energy and is generous to a fault. She is also human, with very human needs, but since she focuses outside of herself she tends to forget she has to eat and sleep, like us other poor mortals. (Is that a label?) Great article, Penny. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Penny, how am I seeing this post only now? I remember this post when it first came up, but it looks like it’s posted today. Anyway, you are wonderful and sweet and such a dear. Come play Advent Calendar with us. We miss you. xoxo

    • I reposted it because I have no time to write right now. I’m picking the best posts, and this one qualifies because you rock socks!

      I miss you guys also… I’ll try to stop in soon!!! My real life has taken over, and my poor writing life’s taken a side road! :/ It will be better!

      Big snuggles to you, Ana!

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