Words #Poemup #ASMSG



Hurt worse than any slap across the face

They dig deep inside your soul, and twist your mind

and leave you helpless


Peek your interests, and you seek truth

They waft over your senses from every corner and

you need more


Make the world go ’round

They drive business deals, seal love letters, and

you can’t live without them


Brush off the dust of every day life

Bring to light the good, the bad, and

the ugly truths


The way to someone’s heart, mind, and soul

Hushed tones brushing across your ear, drawing you in,

and making you safe


Have the ability to pick you up on the worst day,

or cause your heart to shatter into a million pieces, and

you realize the clout they hold.

One word has the power to change it all…



Penelope Jones- Copyright 2013

17 responses to “Words #Poemup #ASMSG

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  2. I’m not a poet. I don’t write erotica. So forgive my fumbling attempts here to give back to my good friend Penny, because she is always so giving to me. This is from my heart, a piece of me, of the true me, because she has given me so many pieces of her.

    I can feel the cool smooth satin across my face
    Soothing the hot tracks of my tears
    My eyes closed, lips parted
    You begin
    Your hot breath next to my neck
    The tight painful tug of my hair as you close the knot
    Then darkness
    My thoughts spin, whirl, twirl, struggle, fight
    Like the wings of a butterfly
    Beneath two strong unyielding fingers
    I struggle, not to be free
    But because the release will be ever sweeter
    Then with each loop, each cinch, each gasp
    I let go…
    In your words
    They loop around me
    Entangle me
    Snare me
    Free me in my captivity
    For I am no longer a prisoner to my doubts
    My fears
    My worries
    My inadequacies
    I am soaring free in the stillness
    Where I cannot speak, cannot move, cannot think
    I only hear
    Your body and lips speak
    Telling me
    I am a woman, a mother, a friend, a lover
    That and so much
    Each knot bound
    It is not taking it is giving
    A gift of peace, of stillness
    The freedom to hear
    Your words
    They are as much a part of me as the marks
    The marks I no longer see as imperfections
    The marks from the growth of life
    The marks your seed left on me, inside of me, outside of me
    I no longer worry I am not pretty enough
    Young enough
    Firm enough
    Tight enough
    Good enough
    I am soaring free
    To see
    I am me
    I am yours
    You remove my blinders and I can hear
    The words
    In your eyes
    The words
    Your firm strong lips soon speak
    I am yours
    You are mine
    Forever bound in love
    Where I am free to just be
    These are the only words that matter.

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  4. Truly beautiful & powerful words. You always cause my eyes to leak.

    genevievedewey poem back was very moving. Two heartfelt meaningful poems.

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