I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine #poetry #Asmsg


Spero che il tuo cuore non dimentica il mio. (Italian) meaning: I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine.

I’ve loved you since the first time we met…
I knew I wanted to be your pet.

Yours forever if you desired
Your slave was hired.

Yet, I wasn’t enough?
It was tough

7 years of doubting,
7 years of pouting.

For 7 years I tried to feel the void you caused
I wanted to press pause.

I needed to begin again…
To write my feelings down with a pen.

I didn’t expect you to come back and change my path…
I did the math.

You don’t compute!

Why? Why did you return?
Will my soul be burn?

I’ve loved you for 13 years give or take a few…
You said you loved me too!

I’m trusting you not to leave me broken like before…
I deserve more.

I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine…
Is this the right time?

I waited 7 long years…
What’s a few more?

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2014!