My Heart and Soul belong to You. #Poetry #Relationships #TrueLove #Love

I wake up thinking about you

I go to bed thinking about you

I pee and I think about you,

and even when I pooh… I’m still thinking about you.


Can you say you consume my days

I’m willing to bend to your ways.


Life is what we decide

Through troubles we’ll glide.


My heart and my soul belong to you, my love

I know you were sent from above.


Even when things aren’t aligned,

I still won’t mind.


Why you ask?

Because we have the kind of love that will last

Look at our past…

And tell me, what do you see?


Forgiveness wrapped in love,

Fitting us like a glove.


You didn’t re-enter my life to break my heart

We both have to do our part…

Here’s to a new start!


Let’s do it right this time, OK?


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2014!


You hold the power to change the end… #poetry #romance #love


I’m still in love with you…
I’m not getting the clue.

You see…
I’m not letting you quit me.

Screw this idea society has told you what a slave is…
It’s just fizz!

It’s not real…
Here’s the deal!

You and I decide what is right;
We don’t have to fight.

I’m loyal, honest, and trust worthy.
I’m also pervy, curvy, and topsy turvy…

With my moods sometimes!
It’s not a crime; because so are you!
But we know what to do.

Laughter gets past all the bad
All the sad…
Turning it into glad.

Please stop judging me based on rules society forced upon us…
Did you notice I didn’t cuss?

Please, I love you like a fat girl loves cake…
For our sake, realize this is our life,
our future to be what makes us happy…
So stop the crappy… Judgements

And love me for what I can add to your life…
Don’t focus on the strife.

If it wasn’t hard everyone would be doing it.
Dude… We’re the right fit.

I’m not letting you quit me…
I hope you finally see.

You hold the power to change the end.
I’m willing to bend; are you?

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!