Let’s take a walk… #Poetry #Thoughts #life #love


Let’s take a walk through a day in the life of my mind…
Please be kind.

The numbers never stop
Am I speeding?
I just passed a cop.

How much time do I have before lunch?
Can I get all the packets in a straight bunch?

Is her hair color too bright?
Do I let my boyfriend be right?
Because I hate to fight!

Oh no! Here come the stairs….
I count them in pairs.

Some nights, I never leave my writing cave.
Odd numbers are my fav.

So many hats transform who I am
But please, don’t call me ma’am.

Is the trash taken out?
My mind fills with doubt!

But, then he calls,
And makes up for it all.

By the time I’m ready for bed
I can barely lift my head.

Yet, my mind seems to never sleep.
It’s always taking the next leap…
With or without me.

I’m playing catch up more often than not.
To settle my mind, I’ve thought of smoking pot,
But I’m afraid I’ll get caught.

I’m way too pretty for jail.
Plus, I’d never hear the end of it
After he paid my bail.

Yep…my mind can think of fifty subjects at one time
Did you know I love lime?

Are you tired? Imagine doing this everyday.
But you know what sucks?
The pay.

Penelope Jones

Copyright 2014

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