I Can Beg…??? #Poetry #ASMSG #Slave #Relationships


You said, “Stop being so insecure.”
I know it’s just a lure.
Not pure

Or is it?

You have no idea the thoughts that enter my mind.
How life turns on a dime.
The higher I climb.
It’s sublime.

Best slave ever?
How about never.
Pull the lever
Sever….the ties that bind me.

I Dare You!

Please, take control…
I’ll sell you my soul

For just a taste of who you are
We don’t have to go far,
Please don’t mar ….
My heart.

I need reassurance like I need air,
And I know it’s not fair.

You deserve better that a fucked up mess
But, I must confess…

I’m truly a slave thru and thru
Who longs to serve you.

I can beg…???

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!
Copyright 2014

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